The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi,

    I am GSJha and I am here to explore.

  • This is me. Orchestra Teacher in Oregon, USA!

    The plan is for some satisfyingly fun edits of simple games twisted to help kids learn music note values etc.

    (aka trick the elementary boys to learn).

    -Mr. Gregory

  • Hello!

    I'm a beginner game developer, nice to meet you all.

  • Hello

    Im Mariusz you will find some of my graphic game assets soon in asset store

  • Hello,My name is Darwin and im want to make a game... well im not too good at coding ... So i choose Construct 2 for make it..

  • Hello guys!

    I'm very interested in this software.

  • Thought it's about time i really consider getting a license and register myself here while at it. Still hesitant about the license but here i am.

    Aspiring designer here. I've been trying to get into creating games but im more of an artist with little to no knowledge of programming so construct 2 suits me just fine, at least for the time being. Currently im just using it to try out random mechanics that pops up in my mind.

    That being said, hello.

  • I's a nerd I's learn gooud

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  • I use Construct 2 for a while, but I never introduced myself here.

    So here I am, I live in Brazil and making games is my passion

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this, but I'm also excited to get started. As a gamer it's something that I've always wondered about doing. Hopefully, I will have a game for everyone to play soon. I would appreciate any constructive advice that I could use to make better games. I am in Tacoma, WA. ..... just south of Seattle.

  • Hey everyone, My name is Daniel James "Dazin" Cottingham, I'm 16 and i'm a work in progress game dev.

    About a year ago, me and a mate founded a company named Endorphic Studios, we're an indie 3 man company.

    We are currently working on a project with Unity3D, unfortunatly can't say the gist of it, but i certain that is never been done before. Unity3D is good, very good, for indie devs, its very powerful, fast, and really damn easy to use and learn, but after the faliure of us trying to make a good Ortho-2D game in Unity, we came to the realization that Unity right now for 2D is "too powerful"so i set off to find a more fitting program for 2D games. First i checked steam, i don't know why, but i actually found a semi-decent 2D game maker, it was called, game maker, litterally, just Game Maker, quite an original name but, you know. But game maker, its good in all...but it's feel, its concept of the mixture between the Drag'N'Drop interface and the scripting was quite frustrating at some points. I did like the fact that it had its own custom made scripting language, GML(Game Maker Language, the guys who make Game Maker were reeaally shit with names), which made things a bit wierd, as you had the option for Draging and Dropping Events and conditions etc onto an object, or nakedly, scripting them, i think that if you have one easy way of doing something, stick with one, don't duplicate the exact same thing, and put a pretty little 5 y/o interface on there.

    At this point i was lost, nowhere to go, then i came across a tutorial on a youtube channel i watch regularly for educational content, thenewboston, and he has a playlist named "Game Development with Construct 2".

    LnStSh, Construct is far better than any other 2D development engine i've seen, tried the other, didn't like em', tried Construct Awesome.

    Thanks for reading this pointless post about how Giraffes Menstruate.

    Daniel Cottingham, Co-Founder, Lead Tech

    Please if you have the time leave us a like:

  • Hey smiles for everyone! just recently joined the world of Game Design with high hopes n spirits ..

  • Hi am Naresh, was working on construct 2 free version and loved it. So checking out the exciting and amazing features of construct 2 and also the plugin development part.

    The best game engine I have ever used.

  • hi,

    I am tahir and i am a corporate trainer. I am here to learn how to incorporate gamification in my trainings.

    Tahir ali

  • Ola pessoal tudo bem vim ate aqui para mostrar do que eu sou capaz de fazer na area de jogos cheguei ate aqui por meio de um video que eu vi no YouTube, eu estava interessado em começar um negocio de jogos ,ai eu achei um video da Scirra fiquei muito interessado e aqui estou baixando o programa e começando o meu projeto espero que me aceitem , e ate mais

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