The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Ola meu nome é Arthur Soares,e eu fiquei sabendo do construct 2,por causa do desafio Gamedu que esta acontecendo.

    E na aula de Lab.Matematica o professor nos mostrou esse site,do Desafio Gamedu e disse que eramos para nos cadastrar,e eu me cadastrei,vi a primeira aula e gostei.

    Então é isso tchau...

  • oi

  • Hi fellow constructors, im seriously getting addicted to construct 2. Altough i'm still relatively new to construct 2, i'm quite satisfied with my progress. Construct 2 really takes away the boring syntax.

    Let me know what you guys think of the 3 games i published.



    Slingshot Dave and the Vulture Mob

    cheers till later

  • How's it going? My name is Ches and I am an engineer and I just discovered Construct 2 recently and am LOVING IT. I actually discovered it and put it in the back of my mind mind when lo and behold the very next day a friend asked me if I knew anything about game development. I told him about C2 - then felt obligated to try it and now we're making an RPG together.

    I spent the long weekend on tutorials and then trying to make something from scratch and it has been a BLAST.

    Thanks Scirra, I'll be here for a while.

  • Hey !

    My name is Harpreet and I am from India.

    I got to know about this software from youtube as i am suscribed to new boston(bucky roberts) tutorials.

    Hope to have a good experience building games with construct two!!

  • Hi everyone, I wanna be a developer..

  • Hi,

    I am GSJha and I am here to explore.

  • This is me. Orchestra Teacher in Oregon, USA!

    The plan is for some satisfyingly fun edits of simple games twisted to help kids learn music note values etc.

    (aka trick the elementary boys to learn).

    -Mr. Gregory

  • Hello!

    I'm a beginner game developer, nice to meet you all.

  • Hello

    Im Mariusz you will find some of my graphic game assets soon in asset store

  • Hello,My name is Darwin and im want to make a game... well im not too good at coding ... So i choose Construct 2 for make it..

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  • Hello guys!

    I'm very interested in this software.

  • Thought it's about time i really consider getting a license and register myself here while at it. Still hesitant about the license but here i am.

    Aspiring designer here. I've been trying to get into creating games but im more of an artist with little to no knowledge of programming so construct 2 suits me just fine, at least for the time being. Currently im just using it to try out random mechanics that pops up in my mind.

    That being said, hello.

  • I's a nerd I's learn gooud

  • I use Construct 2 for a while, but I never introduced myself here.

    So here I am, I live in Brazil and making games is my passion

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