The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • I went to comic con a heard about it from a game developer

  • Helo all !

  • Hi, I'm David from Israel - was introduced to C2 by

    I hope this suite can provide the necessary shortcuts I need to move off my butt and publish some games!

  • Hi! My name is DZOWWW and I found out about Construct 2 by doing a quick Google search for the best 2D platformer engine to make my game on.

  • i have no experience in game making but i hope if i could do something

  • Hi guys.

    I'm getting to Construct 2 coming from Flash. I didn't like the documentation about canvas html5 on Flash CC, so I'm migrating to a more user friendlly tool to build html5 games.

    Hope we can exchange good experiences.

  • Hello! My name is Austin i'm from Napa California and i downloaded Construct 2 because all my life I've played video games and they've helped my life so much and i want to let people have the same experience i had in my childhood just from games!

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am a beginner and look forward to creating unique games using Construct 2. I hope to learn from many of the great game creators here and look to the veterans for any assistance you can give.

    Also, I have a game character in mind, that I plan to develop and now is the time. Within the forum, I will share my progress and hope in return to offer creative input within the community here

  • hi friends, my name is david and im from colombia, i just kniw construct for a month and im already developing a plataform game... later will see what's up

  • Hey guys! <3 <3 <3

  • Ok.

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  • Hi everyone. I'm Ariel and I like Construct 2. It is very easy to make games without me trying to use coding. I usually make Blocky Series a lot and Mazer Game Series. I will try to post games for you.

  • Hi, I'm interested to learn about creating games for the web. Saw a job posting requiring experience with Construct so I figured I would check it out. Good day to all.

  • I was snooping around on the googles on how to make HTML 5 games and found this, looking forward to learning this program!

  • Hello fellow game devs. I have been using C2 for about half a year now and just released my first game on the Play Store! Love C2 and I hope to get some more games in development in the near future =)

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