The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi I'm Ali

  • i am d blinkz from ghana,accra i am 21 of age

  • hi i am D Blinkz

  • Hey wassup folks! I am a noob and I will try to make something awesome!

  • I've been developing and lurking and posting for a while, but have never formally introduced myself it seems.

    Hello, World!

    I'm MoscowModder, and I make games. Ha ha, silly me - we all make games here. I have a few cool ideas for big games (all in different genres) that I'd like to make in Construct 2 (all in the same series for now), but my current project is a 'little' game I like to call Carnage in Space 2 (sequel to a game I made in a different engine). I like feedback, I like hearing ideas from folks, and I LOVE making pointless, flashy features in games. No wonder I haven't released very many so far (3 finished games in 5 years).

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  • Hi, just heard about this awesome tool and have been using it for a few hours now and I think it's by far one of the best out there right now for the price. Will definitely buy soon!

  • Hello!

    My name is "Mr. U" and I am a Math Teacher in Rio Grande Valley area, Texas.

    I had my classes do Hour of Code, which they all worked diligently on and enjoyed.

    That encouraged me to do more. The process of programming requires many skills.

    Math students need the essential skills employed in the development and testing of a program.

    These skills (e.g. ability to read, understand, think, plan, develop algorithm, do, evaluate, etc.) are

    used in every phase of Math from elementary through to the most advanced courses in college.

    So, I am going to see how I can work this into Algebra and AP Statistics courses in 2014-2015.

    I am evaluating Construct2 to see if it is the tool I use for teaching and exploring basic programming.

  • I went to comic con a heard about it from a game developer

  • Helo all !

  • Hi, I'm David from Israel - was introduced to C2 by

    I hope this suite can provide the necessary shortcuts I need to move off my butt and publish some games!

  • Hi! My name is DZOWWW and I found out about Construct 2 by doing a quick Google search for the best 2D platformer engine to make my game on.

  • i have no experience in game making but i hope if i could do something

  • Hi guys.

    I'm getting to Construct 2 coming from Flash. I didn't like the documentation about canvas html5 on Flash CC, so I'm migrating to a more user friendlly tool to build html5 games.

    Hope we can exchange good experiences.

  • Hello! My name is Austin i'm from Napa California and i downloaded Construct 2 because all my life I've played video games and they've helped my life so much and i want to let people have the same experience i had in my childhood just from games!

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am a beginner and look forward to creating unique games using Construct 2. I hope to learn from many of the great game creators here and look to the veterans for any assistance you can give.

    Also, I have a game character in mind, that I plan to develop and now is the time. Within the forum, I will share my progress and hope in return to offer creative input within the community here

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