The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi to everyone, I'm Mauro and I'm a developer from Italy.

    My competencies are in the field of artificial intelligence, so if there is someone that needs such algorithms I'm available to help everyone.

    I'm here to find a good graphic developer for a soccer-based project on which I'm involved.

    I've already received a PM, but I'm not able to reply do to my low reputation... how many points do I need?

    However, hope to learn many stuff from here, to provide help, and also to find my developer... :)

    See you and have a nice weekend.


  • hi all greetings from Finland :)

    I'm new to gaming, I hope I find many great friends in here :)

    thanks :*******

  • Greetings from Athens, Greece <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> !

  • Hey everyone, I'm here to switch from Game Maker to Construct 2!

    I founded Loud Bear Games and I am looking forward to buying a license!

  • Hi everyone!!

    I'm new to Construct 2, and have never created a game.... this is my first intent to do so....

    So... thank you all!

  • Hello Everyone!

    My name is Sebastian, and this is my first time to create a game!

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  • Hi All,

    Just made the jump from GameMaker to Construct 2 and completed the beginner's guide. I'm really liking this so far and am excited about the possibilities.

  • Been many years since I road this bike of interactive development. I played with Maya, before it was Maya (ALIAS POWER ANIMATOR 8.5) and used to develop and implement flash with it was still with Macromedia. Now as I am studying Web Design and New Media in the MFA program at the Academy of Art, the need for quick HTML5 development tools has lead me to discover this awesomeness. TOTALLY EXCITED!

    Feel free to check out some of my web/graphic design work at

  • Hello, I'm DainTrinity. I found this site while looking for an alternative to coding. So far, it looks promising. I'm already knowledgeable in Actionscript and its theory, and as of yet, this looks a breeze compared to it. Hopefully I'll be able to make what I've been planning.

  • Hi! I'm working as a game designer for life ;) And I'm looking for some fast ways to develop game prototypes and Construct 2 seems exactly like this. Hope I'll do amazing things in it! :)

  • hi, my name is seoexpert,how are u guys.

  • Hi guys,

    Been an amateur game maker for quite a few years (check out my YouTube Channel: Hoping to see what I can come up with with Construct 2. :)

  • Hi Nickydude and others :)

    Welcome to Scirra.


  • Hello guys, I'm new here, I'm french so pardon my english ^^. I've 33 years old and very passionate by video games creation since I was 10. I am now developper and lead game designer in a video game company. My main task now is to build prototypes for that company and I love to work with products like construct and some others in my spare time. I hope to be an active member soon but actually I'm so busy.

  • My name is Daniel and I am looking to develop a strategy turn based on line game

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