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  • Thanks, Kyatric,

    I hope that Construct 2 succeeds. One of the reasons I bought my license right away is that there were a few other people on forums out there who expressed confidence in it, including while comparing it to GameMaker. I have always been a little extra risk taking, so I decided to learn this first, inspite of its less proven status, considering the much lower price.

    By the way, I just observed an interesting case of synchronicity that I hope bodes well for my adventure with this company. My default avatar somewhat matches my screen name and I like him. Also the next poster, az1do, in this thread who purchased a license, also got a default avatar which somewhat matches his country of origin, from a New England perspective such as mine.

    Thanks again for welcoming me. I wish everybody success with their projects.

  • Tom,

    Do I really need to inform officials here about details of my PayPal transaction to get a badge, or is your signature referring to the existing small badge in the lower right corner of my avatar pic which I got automatically?

  • Hi All. Thanks for being part of this community

  • DarkBoge yes you already have the badge :) It automatically assigns it most of the time but if you are not logged in when you pay, or use a different email address etc it sometimes can't give you one so it has to be done manually.

  • Makes sense. Thanks, Tom.

    Thanks for the welcome, DonXavio.

  • DarkBoge can I ask out of curiosity how you found our site? It would be interesting/useful to know!

  • <font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">I want to create my own games, it is as simple as that.</font>

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  • hi We have made a couple of toys and lots of animation...fancy having a play with this tool (we have used unity-so far)- we are in london to.



  • He, community!

    I am very happy to be a part of this awesome game creation!

    Short blabla about me. I am Patrick fom VIENNA in AUSTRIA.

  • Tom,

    To answer what led me to this site. It is Construct 2. I was looking for an HTML5 game creation kit, but I also wanted it to have a more efficient interface, than simply typing in a text editor and organizing files and folders using copy/paste. I have a little experience from another industry where I saw a huge increase in productivity where both the typing and manual organizing issues were addressed effectively.

    Once I visited this site, I immediately liked the site design and when I subsequently visited the "About Us" section, I liked the founders' motivational principles. I believe that one of the goals of making a development tool should be to make it as easy to use and as efficient as possible, while making it as capable and robust as possible. It seems that this company has a like attitude.

    I also was attracted by a few outside forums discussions about this product's capabilities.

  • Hello, I'm A 40-year resident of Tokyo from Johnstown PA who's bringing The Octagon Theory (my mid-1980's Apple II game) into the Web 2.0 age via an iPhone.

    The reason I'm here is because I'm trying to develop a simple tool that the TOT AI Modder community (that I hope will grow) can use to easily test AIs that they develop for The Octagon Theory. I want this tool to run anywhere, hence HTML5, and I want it to be easy to develop, preferably with a visual programming environment. I looked at Impact and Appcelerator Titanium. Neither are visual so I'm currently trying Game Maker 5 HTML5 (beta) which is visual. But although the very simple prototype that I made runs in the IDE, when built to HTML5 it does not run in any browsers. A big disappointment! So I want to see what Construct can do.



  • Hello!

    I'm a game design student and independent game creator from Sweden. Thought that I would want to join the community here as I really liked working in Construct a while back. While I did not have the opportunity or time to try it to its fullest potential then I am hoping that now, with a lot more free time on my hands, that I can make something great with it :)

    Looking forward being part of this place.


  • Welcome all the newcomers to Construct's community !

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  • Hello. My name is Shane Avery. I am intrigued by Construct2. I look forward to creating with it.

  • Welcome on board, fellow developers =D

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