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  • Hi there everyone!

    I'm a schooled musician making a living using flash, photoshop and illustrator. Currently employed by an agency as an online producer (mostly advertising)

    I made a game for android with my dad last year.He programmed most of it and I did the graphics/sound/music.

    That adventure seemed to have been a one off for him, but I want to make more entertainment! :)

    This nice piece of software will hopefully enable me to try out some ideas I have for games. Currently learning its capabilities, I hope to have a prototype ready soon!

  • I seem to be the old and the new. The new guy who is 73 years old.

    My real name is Ken. I live with my family in the Philippines just outside Manila. I moved here when I retired from Saudi.

    I am an American, born in Ohio.

    My history with computers began in 1979 with the Apple computers. WE had several game sets through the years and my son ( at that time) became very good at the games. It was about all we had to do while in Kuwait and Tunisia.

    He is married now and lives in Oklahoma.

    I am interested in seeing what Construct 2 will do and may add it to my collection of game making programs. I have not really decided which one i like best so for now I am using the free edition until I make something a bit better than the first tutorial and understand what I am doing.

    I am very impressed with the manual and the support forum so far. It is a lot more active than another competing program I have. I may just stay here.

    Ken <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hi!! I'm new. :D

  • Hello!!!!

  • Hello! Game Crafters!

  • Hallo! I'm NSANE, from .ar, and I'm going to make games =)

    Currently studying tons of game design related material.

    Hope you can lend me a hand sometime!

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  • Hello! I'm Zhalkon. I am learning to make games.

    I really like the artistic area of games, I do some concepts of characters and weapons.

    I hope to learn a lot about game development with construct 2.

    Sorry, my english is not very good.

  • Looking to get some fun out of it for everyone.

  • artist

  • Ahoy there!

    I'm Federico, AKA gomax.

    I live in a small town near Rome, in Italy, where, you know, things isn't doing very well from a little while so work possibility in gaming is near to 0...

    I love drawing and gaming since I was a kid and for that reason my dream's always been to be a game artist.

    2d games is even now my favourite game type, expecially if it has good art in it, so I always wished to be the creator of one those games, but the issue's always been that i never met a programmer with the same passion as mine to start making games together, and JEEEEES I have a LOT of ideas in mind for good games! now i discovered Construct and I really hope it can be a start for me to make my dream come true.

    Hope you guys didn't bored yourself to death reading this 'till the end and hope I'll have all of your support here on this forums.

    Thanks for making this guys, I really love you.

  • Hi

    I am introducing myself to gain rep so I can post a link.

    I want to buy Construct 2, but I'm hesitant because I'm not as familiar with the features as a programmer would be (total n00b), and I don't want to end up buying it and only being able to make a lot of levels of very, very simple games.

    If I can understand how to make an array work in the game, I think I can admit to myself that I will be spending a lot of time making complex games. I'm pretty confident that families will make game creation much less tedious.

  • hello everyone ,I am libn. Android &IOS & PHP

  • Wow ok so i totally did this on the wrong forum so time to make up for it :D

    Hi! Im luke, but please call me moy :)

    Bought a C2 license a short while ago and am thoroughly enjoying the software.

    My dream is to one day work on the remake of FFVII as i believe that is the best game ever made and to ever be made :D

    I'll be popping onto these forums from time to time and look forward to sharing my experiences/knowledge and meeting new people :)

    Happy gaming all!

  • Hello everyone,

    My name is Andreas, and I'm known as DigitalGreenTea online. Some people call me DGT (Each letter pronounced), as it is easier to say than pronouncing my full name. I live in Switzerland, Europe.

    I started playing video games when I was around 3-4 years old. My family already had gaming consoles like the Atari 2600 and NES before I was born. My first system I played was the SNES, and I've been a lifetime fan of Nintendo since then. My favorite gaming franchises are made out of the Nintendo first party franchises like Super Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong and Kirby.

    Since a kid, I was always a dreamer. Dreaming and thinking of worlds that have never been there. One thing I always felt is that love and balance is becoming more uncommon in this world. Therefore, I decided to set my goal to become a game designer, with the intention of making people smile and have fun. It's been a hard way since, and I was coming to a point where I was about to give up. I live in a country where gaming is not popular and doesn't have a good reputation. However, when I first saw Construct 2 and hearing the news of a potential Wii U exporter for the engine, I was stunned. Like a blessing, I knew this was the way to go.

    I'm now learning how to use Construct 2 and I'm having really fun doing so. I try to use as much time as I can to learn it fully. So far, I managed to create a 2D platformer level with enemies and power-ups based on the tutorials on the website. My goal is to create a 2D platformer that's unique, innovative, and most definitely fun.

    I hope to stay as active on the forums as well. I'm a calm person, so don't expect a thousand posts a day, but you'll definitely see me around here and there.

    And with that, I wish you all a nice weekend and simply the best of luck to your goals.

  • My name is martin,

    I love educationnal games <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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