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  • <font color=red>hi i am very good at making games lol</font>

    I am a very good looker need a bf <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I am a crofton jr school student

  • I'm Chris Kent and have only recently started using Construct 2 (maybe a month?). I am traditionally a .NET developer and have dabbled in XNA for a long time. I recently started trying all sorts of other tools to see if I couldn't get something done a little quicker. Tried out (more than just installed and opened) Love, GameSalad, and GameMaker. GameMaker was the best of those 3 but it couldn't match the ease of Construct 2.

    I've created multiple apps for Windows Phones, iOS, and Android always using the native development tools. Having ported some of my apps I generally ended up with a full rewrite. Very frustrating and difficult to keep up with. This is one of the biggest reasons I've moved over to Construct 2 - that and it's open JavaScript SDK.

    I'm also very interested in plugin development which I've recently begun messing around with ( That's pretty much it for now, see you around.

  • Michael White here. I am investigating Construct as a game making tool to use with my large-format touch table computers called Playsurfaces (playsurface dot org). I need something that allows user creation of 2D games, preferably with a free version for students (no publish is fine for this) and applicable across many ages. Any suggestions are welcome.

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  • My name is Aidilia fitriyanti.. I am newy in here..

    my pleasure to you All want teach me some exercise to study

    Construct 2.. I am a student in Indonesia..

  • I develop educational games for kids. I hope that I will be able to use Construct 2's capabilities for things such as Maths games.

  • nice grammars

  • Hello

    Name Abdulaziz albrek

    Games developer .. And designer .. And painter

    I was working on another drive to develop 2D games

    I was after my experience to engine Construct 2

    I liked it a lot

    And I promise you that I develop a great game engine

    Thank you

  • hi everyone I need to learn this fast to start becoming a great game designer

  • Hi there everyone!

    I'm a schooled musician making a living using flash, photoshop and illustrator. Currently employed by an agency as an online producer (mostly advertising)

    I made a game for android with my dad last year.He programmed most of it and I did the graphics/sound/music.

    That adventure seemed to have been a one off for him, but I want to make more entertainment! :)

    This nice piece of software will hopefully enable me to try out some ideas I have for games. Currently learning its capabilities, I hope to have a prototype ready soon!

  • I seem to be the old and the new. The new guy who is 73 years old.

    My real name is Ken. I live with my family in the Philippines just outside Manila. I moved here when I retired from Saudi.

    I am an American, born in Ohio.

    My history with computers began in 1979 with the Apple computers. WE had several game sets through the years and my son ( at that time) became very good at the games. It was about all we had to do while in Kuwait and Tunisia.

    He is married now and lives in Oklahoma.

    I am interested in seeing what Construct 2 will do and may add it to my collection of game making programs. I have not really decided which one i like best so for now I am using the free edition until I make something a bit better than the first tutorial and understand what I am doing.

    I am very impressed with the manual and the support forum so far. It is a lot more active than another competing program I have. I may just stay here.

    Ken <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hi!! I'm new. :D

  • Hello!!!!

  • Hello! Game Crafters!

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