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  • There is a message to call them back. I don't have anything remotely ready for release yet. What did you guys do? I'm a bit scared....

  • Sounds like a scam to me. Someone trying to get personal information.

    Edit: I'm guessing the below is why. Without any context, "scam" was my first assumption.

  • When you sign up to be a Wii-U dev they will call you. They want to know a bit about why you want to be a dev on the Wii as well as what types of games you are targeting. They will then confirm with you and send you an email welcoming you into the program which has access to their private sites and access to the portal to order your dev kits, etc...

  • they called me too.

    it is like a mini interview.

    as bluephaze said above they want to know what are you planning and put you on their database .

    so there is nothing to be afraid of.

  • Just call them back, they are nice and don't expect anything. I don't know the context why they would call you, but I had nothing ready when I started talking to them It was still all on paper.

    A releasedate or whatever is something to worry about later.

  • trev

    Good for you. Call them. I emailed over a month ago and have no reply as of yet. Are you already a developer with a web page? How long ago did you apply. I'm totally want to know. And super grats

  • Yeah you don't have to worry about having something ready. When I got called it was out of nowhere back in September when the program opened. I was so nervous that they weren't going to accept me because of my lack of experience, but they don't really care. Then less than 6 months later I released my first title, BLOK DROP U, on the eShop. Exciting times! Congrats and welcome!

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  • It took about 3 months for me to get the call after I initially applied, so for those who have signed up more recently don't get discouraged.

  • really? huh. that's something. 3 months, 6 months. Good to know. I was expecting these numbers in weeks. Good to know.

  • I think I'm going to feel the same way when I have to make the call, brother.

  • I signed up in december last year and got an e-mail beginning of march, which ended in my spam by the way!

    So be sure to check there sometimes, when I did there was an e-mail. Mind exploded.

    Calling in general scares me but calling Nintendo was something else. Very nerve wrecking but at the same time I really wanted to get started! It's the 'not knowing what you can expect or what to answer' that scares me a bit, but that call was pretty basic, easy and short Don't worry, it's worth it.

  • Will give it a shot and report back!

  • I would be more concerned that Nintendo might be calling to ask you for a loan

  • No they didn't.

  • Well its nice to see that they actually want to know why you wanna make games and are working on. Still waiting for my call as well.

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