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  • What is this!? What is this... new... crap!? o_o I can't believe it... This looks completely different... It's like the intention was to look like some professional, corporate web page. And this extends to the forums too?? ;_; It all looks so different, and I was put off by the appearance alone... But on top of that... Reputation Points!? What the hell is this?? @; Why are we having something like this now? If I thought the appearance alone killed the original spirit of Construct, this "rep points" definitely does... At least, for the community.

    Preview button! Not even you made it out unscathed?! They change how you work too?? ;.; Preview button, no!

    This makes me sad. ;_;

  • Hi Kisai, sorry you don't like it!  I'm happy to hear any suggestions you have.<div>

    </div><div>The problem with the old site was, there really wasn't much for anyone to do if you are a regular visitor, except visit the forums.  We've tried to make the rest of the site interesting for everyone as well, the tutorials section should be great, nicely formatted tutorials as supposed to being restricted to the forum tutorial category, the reputation is modelled loosely around StackOverflow, it has a lot of benefits we hope you will recognise further down the line.</div><div>

    </div><div>I'm not quite sure what you mean about the preview button, this is different forum software, so the mechanics will work slightly differently, I'm sure most people will get used to it soon enough though.</div><div>

    </div><div>If you have any suggestions, please post it in the Website forum!</div>

  • Well, I really hope I don't offend with all that, or make anyone else feel sad, but really, like the old saying goes, "Don't fix what isn't broken." I loved the old site just fine. There wasn't a single thing I wanted changed. The "Tutorials" section sounds promising, although I still liked everything still being on the forums. I'd say the most potentially damaging thing is the "Reputation" system. I hate it when forums have this clique-like mentality, and something like this isn't going to help. I'd prefer if everyone appeared to be an equal.

    Great, now I feel all worried I made the developers feel self-conscious. ;_; Now I feel guilt!

  • In regards to the front page, although you may prefer the old one, we experienced a high bounce rate (visitors who come, then leave without clicking on anything else).  It was around 40% or so, so if somethings not working, we will try something new!

  • <div>I made the site, but don't worry, when you make websites you quickly learn that you won't be able to please everyone :)  One thing to note is you say it wasn't broken, but from our point of view in some areas it was broken, for example, high bounce rates, we're not capturing many visitors if they do come across our site, it's hard to find on the web, so we thought we would try something new.</div><div>

    </div><div>We don't want the reputation system to be a requisite for contributing anything, and we really don't think it's going to create a clique atmosphere!  Temporarily we have restricted new tutorial submissions via the system because we want to make sure we don't get abused heavily, but the general aim is to reduce this to allow everyone to submit tutorials eventually.</div><div>

    </div><div>I understand that it can create a hierachy, which as you say is negative for the community, please know we will take every care to minimise this effect and make sure everyone feels welcome and happy <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /></div><div>

    </div><div>We were expecting a few problems at first, but give it a week or so I should have most of them ironed out.  We wont be adding any more features until everything is working perfectly and runs reliably.</div>

  • <div id="swiffout"></div>reputation points are for popularity contests kisai.

    it's more like an incentive to be helpful.  it feels good to be recognized as a contributing member, and it's fun to wear your rep point badge or whatever, so it's made to encourage/reward people to be helpful.  you get rep points for making good tutorials and answering helpfully in help/support.  as tom said, it's based off stackoverflow.com, which is about the most non-clique site you'll ever find.  it's just a bunch of superhelpful superskillful programmers who you usually only see once because there is no forum, it's just a question and answer site, but when you see some who has godlike reputation points, you can be more sure their answer is a sound one.

  • What happen to the button for PM? Where is my personnal message? Did you guy deleted them? You should at least let us choose and given the opinion to see what most people think of it <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" alt="Cry" title="Cry" />, to me this place is no longer the old construct forum...very sad.

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  • PM's were not transferred over to the new site.  To recover your old PM's, you can login to your account here:<div>


    </div><div>Let me know how you get on with this. </div>

  • to me this place is no longer the old construct forum...very sad.


    </div><div>Most of what has happened on the forum is aesthetic!  It's still the same people posting in here, give it time and I'm sure it will grow on you!</div>

  • i feel the same as Kisai but you know, we will get used to it and finally love it...<img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" alt="Wink" title="Wink" />

  • I am just upset that many links (particularly drop-box links) are all gone-- but I assume (or I hope) that is something that will be fixed soon, once this switch over process is complete. <img src="smileys/smiley29.gif" border="0" alt="Wacko" title="Wacko" />

  • I appreciate you liked the last site, Kisai, but from our point of view it wasn't very good.  We need a site to educate new visitors quickly and clearly show what our site offers.  I think our old site did not do this well, and needed replacing!  I'm really happy with this one and I think it will work out better in the long run both for long-time users and first time visitors.<div>

    </div><div>We've deliberately launched the site early without all the features we want to have.  Like with Construct 2 itself, we're releasing early and often.  So if you have suggestions, let us know!  This is not the final site forever!  We're going to keep evolving it, fixing things, adding features and polishing it over time.  We need to hear from you though - tell us what you like and don't like, and we'll be right on it.  The site wil be under active development for the forseeable future so we're listening.</div>

  • I like this site's visual theme better (except for the blank avatar image), and how its all coherent now.

  • <div id="swiffout"></div>you can set avatar images at gravatar.com

  • The site does look cleaner, though my best suggestions would be to make some of the colors darker, (When I first saw the new design I thought about limes lol) make some of the text smaller, and maybe make different kinds of themes for the forums.

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