Godot Engine (open source 2d/3d engine)

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    Was surprised to see that no one has mentioned the recently open sourced Godot engine, so figured I would add a short post on it. This won't appeal the average C2 user as you need to be able to script. If however, you know your way around Python or can can code in general, you will probably find it very interesting

    It has separate 2d and 3d engines, and unlike the recent Unity foray into 2d, it is a true pixel based 2d engine. It is all based upon a hierarchical/node based object system that is driven by scripts created in GDScript(based on Python). It has a built in animation timeline, so you can create cutout animations (like a basic Spriter) or animate any object property on the timeline to be triggered with a script. Also has a 2d and 3d physics system that was created by the devs and is not box2d or Bullet based. The particle system can be previewed realtime in the layout, which is very cool. Unlike Unity, scripting is done in the IDE/GUI itself which I find appealing, but others may not.

    As far as I know , there are no library dependencies in the program, which means it is very light . The GDScript is interpreted on the fly, so there is no compiling, yet it is still very fast as it is written in c++. It is very nice to hit play and instantly play the game you are working on. It can export natively to Win, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, BB, HTML and others (the devs used it for PS3, Wii, Vita, 3DS, but these are not avaialable publicly for obvious reasons).

    There are a few rough spots, but since it is FOSS, it will grow in leaps and bounds. It has been developed for 5/6 years and used on commercial games as an inhouse tool up until now. So anyway, if you are looking for a hybrid 2d/3d engine that may eventually give Unity a run for its money, check it out. Oh yeah, it is available on Win/Mac/Linux


    Might have to start learning Python....

    Looks really neat, though it sounds like the documentation and stuff is not quite there yet. That being said, it be lovely to one day have a really good open source 2d/3d game engine. I guess there is the blender game engine, but, well...it is what it is...

    This looks very intriguing indeed. Seems to feature a Spriter-like animation editor from the looks of it. Also it's generally cool to have a (seemingly) good open source 2d and 3d game engine that supports android and ios exporting. Might mess around with it some at the very least.

    Thanks for this descovering! looks very promising!

    Very nice engine and very light

    Yes I am interested on Godot engine for future 3d game making. The GUI has professional feel & nice animation tool set

    It's a very interesting engine. Too bad it hasn't caught much wind just yet! Anyway, it's under continuous development, so it can be interesting to follow. Hopefully, more and more users will start contributing, as it's open source.

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    I actually put my Godot project on the backburner several months ago as I was having major issues with v-synch issues on Android and Windows. I was also finding the collision detection system not up to scratch for 3d kinematic objects. The Godot scene system, whilst very powerful, can do your head in with its complexity at times. In theory it is more powerful than the prefab system of Unity(since you can nest one scene inside another), but the fact that you can can only view/edit one scene at a time is frustrating!

    Instead I decided to invest time in a more obscure and simpler open source 3d editor called Zgame editor. Not much documentation, but very easy to use if you want to create a 3d Android game. The exporting/testing to Android is very streamlined and works well, but there is no ad or in app support. Still worth checking out for your first foray into 3d (especially if you want to do an Android game). There is currently no scene editor, so it is for more basic 3d games. The event system and scripting language is very similar to Gamemaker, so you will pick it up in no time if you have used GM:


    Another open source IDE to look out for is Polycode, which has been taking its sweet time to get finished but hopefully there will be official binaries soon! It also does 3d and 2d like Godot, but uses Lua or C++. It has a very nice IDE/GUI as well:


    I do intend on getting back into Godot when it is a bit more mature, but for the moment I will spend more time learning Unity. The core principles translate over to Godot surprisingly well, since Godot has taken a lot of inspiration from Unity. The advantage of Godot being that it is free/open source and has a true 2d environment as well as 3d. You can also mix and match the 2d/3d in crazy ways. If you look at the sample projects, there is a 2d pong scene done in a 2d scene that is then used as a texture mapped to a 3d object in a separate 3d scene...all in realtime. You can also go the other way around and have a 3d scene remapped into your 2d scene..very impressive!

    I've just used Godot a few months ago. Not creating games with it yet.

    Might used it as an alternative to Unity.

    v1 of Godot engine has just been released! See here for more info:


    Godot Engine has just reached 2.0 stable

    Seems to be matured quite well and gui feels very professional.

    These are probably little bit outdated, but gives an idea what kind of engine godot is



    I'm a big fan of Godot. Visual scripting support in the pipeline for later this year...


    Seems to be a robust game engine and possible visual scripting makes it even more appealing.

    I'm definetly excited about Godot.

    Here is a really

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