Godot Engine (open source 2d/3d engine)

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    Ah. No probs.

    Havok, I mean generally speaking for desktop. There are some bunnymark tests kicking around that show, with limited fidelity, that if you have an action game then you're going to meet limits in Godot before you do in c2 with NWjs. Now, that hugely depends on what it is you're looking to do. A point and click role play, some sort of non-action RTS - then Godot is probably the better option for you, just in terms of modularity and the ability to use nodes and scenes (prefabs). If you're looking for bullet hell madness and collisions are not too important then c2 is totally up to it.

    I see. thanks for that.

    I'm not looking to switch engines currently. I'm using Construct 3 and happy with it thus far to an extent - Construct event system is hard to beat for speed. It just amazed me that I looked at Godot - just the website and some Kickstarter stuff a while ago, but then at each version they seem to really progress well so much so that the 3D stuff is starting to look really good and the 2D engine seems quite good as well..

    Always interested in engines and tools so will definitely do some tests.

    I am utterly and devastatingly in love with Godot. Have been since last year, and Godot 3 is just... so lovely to work with. The WebASM export is really nice now. The new particles, the new sound mixing, the animation system, the nodes (Oh! the Nodes!) based system, the scripting, the new next gen 3d support, and a true poweful 2d editor.

    Combining timelines, IK support, WOW!

    Tried Unity, tried Construct (both 2 and 3), tried Clickteam Fusion, Gamemaker, and even Phaser.

    Godot is my only love right now. So easy to script things, and while I do mainly 2d stuff, the other day I implemented 3d backgrounds into my 2d game without a hitch.

    And native export. Someone made a Switch exporter too.

    The Godot devs have decided to implement Vulcan now, by the way and replace opengl 3.

    Sorry to be swooning over a game engine ;P

    [quote:15md9ek8]The WebASM export is really nice now

    The export is around 20Mb for an empty project.

    [quote:33ppmv4v]The WebASM export is really nice now

    The export is around 20Mb for an empty project.

    Construct 2 empty project non-native export

    Mac: 177mb, Windows 64bit: 140mb, Linux 64 164mb

    Godot empty project native export

    Mac & Linux ~28mb, Windows ~26mb.

    Different engines, different approach. Obviously Construct is going to win with its javascript-based export. Godot's WebASM export includes the entire game engine (plus Godot includes a powerful 3d engine, and other goodies not available in Construct).

    Apples and pears!

    C2 empty html5 export: 612 kb

    I would say how do you like them apples, but I have a feeling that just like C2 they will eventually figure out how to export just the required parts of the engine.

    Unfortunately Godot is most likely going to develop more for the desktop than the web, so by the time they do catch up, it may not even matter.

    No idea what effect WebASM will have on Webview.

    Its kind of weird when you think about it.

    I'll just leave it here. As an idea


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    I'll just leave it here. As an idea


    woah! nice!

    I never liked the "spaghetti code" style of visual scripting with blueprints/lines and boxes (it works fine for filters/shaders though).

    I fell in love with and migrated to Construct Classic way back when because "Finally! Someone copied Clickteam and did an even better job!"

    Godot 3.1 is out!


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