Games with Great Graphics in Construct 2 or CC!

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  • Davioware's TowerClimb

    made in CC

  • Oh, that does seem very good!

  • The games mentioned here looks really, really good. I'm glad theres no such thing as "oh that must be a [development tool] game".

    Oh, what do you think about the art of my project? Its one of the aspect i've spent most time on.. (see my signature)

  • Lost oxide and deluso look excellent. I remember playing you ludum dare version of lost oxide it was one of the games that inspired me to really look into developing something with construct 2. You should post some screenshots of your game in this thread so people can see.

    It reminds me of limbo crossed with Yokai which is a great thing. Keep up the great work and keep us updated!

  • Thanks, it feels good to have had some impact on others!

    Here's some screenshots :)

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Man, I wish I had art like you guys.

    I really, really need some tips to improve the art in AirScape. Any ideas?

    (If you have not played it, you can find the link in my sig)

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  • Man, I wish I had art like you guys.

    I really, really need some tips to improve the art in AirScape. Any ideas?

    (If you have not played it, you can find the link in my sig)

    I would honestly say that the main character itself looks good. The art isnt terrible. There are places where it could be improved like the ground can have more style to it in the sense of adding more interesting textures to it. Even fill the sky with more of an atmosphere.

    But overall its a simple style and it works for what it is.

  • NotionGames thanks!

    I can sort of see what you mean about ground textures (any hints would be nice), but I have no idea how to add more atmosphere to the sky.

  • I love the simple but engaging gameplay of AirScape. I agree it would be cool if the graphics were spiffed up, but they didn't turn me off as they are, and I like the smooth transitions between landing screen to control screen, etc.

  • Thanks, mate!

    Maybe I'll just need to get an artist to work with. That would be amazing ;)

  • I hate to shamelessly plug, but I think Blight looks good

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Blight DOES look good. I was checking this out on Desura. Going to support your alpha funding real soon!

  • In my humble opinion as a creative duty you need to stay true to your style but exercise enough experimentation to learn new things and expand your skill-set.   I would love my game to look like Baulder?s Gate but pre-rendered graphics are not my forte. Find what your good at and capitalize on it, that?s just good business sense.   If you are good at sketching in pencil? maybe your game can look like a sketchpad.    If you are not right-minded (creative) then draw on your programming and organizational skills to ?paint? in a methodical manner. When I draw I am constantly tweaking little details. If I don?t like a certain part I redraw it and throw it out. The most valuable ability an artist can have is a subjective eye. Don?t be married to you initial design. Don?t waste 5 minutes sitting there starting at a bad idea.   When something clicks you?ll know it. When the game is done, it might not have the best graphics in the world but you will know that you did your absolute best and to you it will be great. One thing that can give you freedom is to break the rules. Ashley might cringe if he reads this but? Learn the a technologies limitations and then push them, ply them, and see how far they will take you.. However? Don?t abuse an ?effect? just because it?s there.

    Most of all have fun!

  • I really love this game of my friends

    Made by this indie group called miniboss

    I hope you enjoy!

  • I think this thread is totally underrated, some really great graphics here.

    Scirra might want to advertise a bit more with those.

    *Edit: For example, I was unaware of most of the Miniboss games. Those look so awesome, they should be right on the front page <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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