How Do You celebrate Christmas?

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  • With all the PC and other things happening, I am wondering how you celebrate Christmas.

    Here in the Philippines theyh begin a little early with the -ber months. That is the ones that end with -ber.

    The Christmas decorations go up and the stores play Christmas music.

    There are manger scenes everywhere and Christmas is celebrated like it was back in the 1050's in the States without the cold weather and snow.

    This year people will be a b it more careful because of the threats but they will still be out.


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  • Interesting topic. Here in Brasil, more specifically in Rio de Janeiro, the weather is always hot, we celebrate eating (usually too much hehehe), drinking, light some fireworks, distributing hugs and smiles and doing some charity. I'm not from a religious family, but many pray during the christmas night. In brazilian portuguese christmas is called "Natal".

    I heard the news about this threat scenario in your country and I felt empathy. Here it seems that we live under the hand of a not-officialized narcotraffic empire, so the fear is always near and is part of the Carioca routine. But i do, as you do, know that this fear is weaker than our hope. I wish you the best!

  • Guess everyone missed it or else they don't celebrate Christmas.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone.


  • We sacrifice a goat to the great God Imhotep.

    ...just kidding, it's a normal British Christmas. Get a tree, put some presents under it. Do the conga naked around the neighbourhood. What, no?...

  • I'm from the US, Texas, and here we do plenty of food, mostly bbq, and we spend all night eating, listening to good music, dancing n drinking

  • Pretty much here in Puerto Rico we start from November thru January, we use to eat a lot of traditional food, like pork with rice and green pigeon peas, and more important "pasteles(special preparation of plantain and other vegetables filled with pork or chicken meat)" and "Coquito" (a coconut and sweet milk drink with rum)" For the holidays we celebrate Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year, Kings Day, and Holidays from San Sebastian Streets (4 days from Thursday to Sunday in January to close our Christmas). We also listen to good music and use to do "Parrandas"(we go home by home of our family and friends bringing music, food and good time, starting early in the nights and finishing in almost the next morning).

  • Going to Finland for Christmas - the real land of Santa. She's excited. 24th is the big day over here. At noon, Christmas peace is declared. In the old days one was punished harder for their crimes during Christmas season - for breaking the peace. Not sure if this still is the case. Then we watch the Snowman (the cartoon with Walking In The Air). Dad reads us the Nativity from the Bible, we visit the graves and head to Grand Ma's place where the family gathers. Christmas day we usually spend at my Dad's parent's place. The last day of Christmas is the 26th when we are just home and eat what we have left =D.

    I'd say we have a very standard Finnish, christian Christmas =)

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