What is Spriter like?

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  • What kind of stuff can Spriter do that other art programs cannot? If you have Photoshop or Flash, would getting Spriter be redundant or is there some feature it has that you couldn't do in the mentioned programs?

    Sorry for the questions and thank you.

  • Fradno Photoshop will help you with Spriter but trust me, animating with photoshop is much hard than using Spriter. With Spriter you have much more control of the animations. You can set bones and joints which is extremely helpful when making more advanced movements.

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    is a video of a Spriter Demo

  • Photoshop and flash doesn't have a plugin for C2, Spriter does.

  • The official topic about Spriter

    BrashMonkey's website

    You should be able to see all the videos and tutorials that will let you catch a glimpse at what Spriter looks like.

  • It really depends what you need. Photoshop, Flash and Spriter are three completely different programs with little overlap. Photoshop is primarily for raster image design/manipulation. Flash is a development environment with a robust vector graphics and animation engine and spriter is primarily for skeletal 2d animation aimed at games.

    The advantages for using something like Spriter instead of Flash or Photoshop in your game is huge though. Even though Flash has a skeletal animation system you won't be able to use it in construct, instead you will need to export each frame as a separate image and import them into construct (for smooth/complex animations this will put your VRAM usage through the roof), with spriter however you build up a character say from several small parts and then spriter itself manipulates these so the VRAM footprint is miniscule in comparison (comprising only of the few images making up a character for instance). There are other advantages too, as the spriter plugin is integrated into the Construct engine you can blend animations and the animations will also react correctly to time-scaling - allowing for some very polished effects.

    Basically, if you want polished, complex animations in your construct game that aren't pre-drawn/rendered and which react correctly to the game environment Spriter is pretty much a must have.

  • signaljacker Does spriter has vector art abilities like flash? If not then we have to depend on flash to create the vector art first.

    What I see till now is that spriter is more like photoshop/paint where we can manipulate the art in parts. I am going through it, will give more feedback soon.

  • famekrafts you you need to create the art in either flash or photoshop first and then import it into Spriter (and if you create it in Flash you'll have to export it as a raster image as spriter doesn't support vector graphics yet as far as I know). It's basically an animation tool, not a drawing tool. Flash is far more advanced, but is really for different purposes than Spriter.

  • I made a pretty good animation for my game using Spriter, I only mention this as I'm awful with graphics so I assume if I can use it anybody can, seems like a really good program so far.

  • signaljacker Yes I know, testing it out, even uploaded a spriter template with my new pack.

  • Im worried that using spriter will add a bunch of excess stuff to my project... ie... mess it up. can anyone who uses spriter say whether thats the case or not?

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  • Here is what is required to use spriter with C2

    http://www.brashmonkey.com/forum/viewto ... 35c7b86635

  • using spriter inside game engine is optional, you can always export png sequence from spriter and use that, if you think it can mess up the game.

  • One question for those of you using Spriter. Have any of you found any issues running it with Windows, or any other stability issues? Spriter looks to be what I have been wanting to find, make my job so much easier. We are working on our first game and I have been hoping to find something that will work with my Photoshop and Illustrator but that we can also use easily with construct. Sadly, some of these programs can be rather touchy.

  • I think on Spriter forums, someone said spriter crashes a lot, but mine has been working very well. Maybe it depends on the graphic card and system config. I have 12 GB RAM and quadro 4000 card. Till now it has been working fine.

  • Okay awesome, Just downloaded the free version to try. Looks interesting so far.

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