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Spriter is the Ultimate 2D Game Animation Solution


Spriter is the Ultimate 2D Game Animation Solution

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    Released: 27 Feb, 2021

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Spriter is the ultimate 2D animation and object creation tool. It's an intuitive animation tool that lets you animate with or without bones, or any combination thereof, along with frame by frame features. A host of other useful features like tweening curves, inverse kinematics, and onion skinning make creating amazing animations a breeze.

Create silky smooth, state of the art 2D animated characters and effects that play back in your games exactly as they did in the editor.

No more picking and choosing which frames of animation will make it into your game. Animations tween in real time to give your games that super smooth look that only modular animation can provide.

The scml plugin give you access to a family/group of sprite objects, so you can play your animations back, but still have access to each individual sprite you used to make up the body.

Additional game related features like animated collision boxes and action points (think animated Image Points) make editing game data into an intuitive artistic visual process that integrates powerfully with Construct 2's event system.

Character Maps allow you to create variations or 'skins' for your characters. Without any additional time or animation data, you can add accessories like weapons and clothing, or even swap out the entire character's art to make a completely different character that shares the animation data. These character maps can be swapped and combined on the fly using actions with the scml plugin.

Everyone who purchases Spriter Pro will receive FREE "Essentials" versions of every art pack BrashMonkey makes as well as the Essentials version of our Platformer Engine. You can use these freely in any of your game projects (including commercial projects). The "Essentials" editions don't have as much content as the full commercial versions, but offer a fantastic starting point for creating the animations you might require for your game projects.

You will automatically receive Spriter 2 as a free upgrade as soon as it becomes available and you will also receive instant access to the alpha (Windows only).

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9 years ago

Great Show, Great Support!!!

I bought Spriter yesterday from Scirra's Store and get a message there's a new version (b10) for download. At BrashMonkey's site I could only download the free version so I send an email to BM and rec...

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    27 Feb, 2021
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