Who would like free HTML/Wordpress/Joomla Themes

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  • Anyone who would like free unique HTML, wordpress, Joomla, Blogger for free. They are made by me and are original. Annoyed by the price you see on the net worry not at least you can try mine and its risk free.

    Again you have your pdf, psd or ai design that want it to be converted to HTML. I have the solution. Hurry up before this offer ends or I change my mind.

  • Samples? Thanks!

  • Can you do opencart?

  • Show pictures.

  • Samples? Thanks!

    Show pictures

    Zech Communicates

    Click the Bundle pack 1 to 3 to download and bundles will be coming in plenty with time

    In each bundle pack there are pictures of the templates and the template itself

    Any queries, suggestion, comments are welcomed.

    I have taken time because I noted one can not share a folder public in drop-box or can you help me in this.

    I have redone my site and I will try as soon as possible to post the templates.

  • Can you do opencart?

    Infact Opencart is new to me and thanks for informing me so its out of the scope. I can't promise you it can be done but later in time I'll see if it is possible.

    What can be done are








  • How have you downloaded the bundle? Should I add more?

  • ZaksCommunicates

    All credit for your initiative, but you really need to have graphics of your themes on your website. Most people won't be bothered downloading your bundles when they can see images of free themes on other sites

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  • Again what about Facebook fan-page iframe. What it means is a website of width 720px inside Facebook fan-page canvas or a width of 520px inside Facebook fan-page page.

    Velojet thanks for giving me credit. I appreciate. For graphics I didn't see that.

    What about replacing them frequently with new ones.

    Or maybe you liked a bundle and would like to change them with your own graphics send it so that I can replace them as follows

    Header (Background Image, Foreground Image, Textures)

    Body (Texture, Glares)

    Footer (Texture)

    Textures are tiled images eg grid, wood, fabric, patterns, wall, etc

    Glares are images with artistic impression eg abstract, waves, floral, bubbles, shapes, clouds etc

    Hope this might help.

  • Thanks for the site.

  • I may stop producing the samples because I think it may be off no benefits.

  • I may because I think it may be off no benefits.


    No need to stop producing the samples.

    What you do need to do is to start producing images of your samples and show them on your website, just like the other websites that Wishy and I have pointed you too.

    How about it?

  • ZaksCommunicates Sorry I didn't post earlier but I downloaded your sample packs. I thought they were very well designed. Nice pro work :)

    I also work as a web developer but where I work I cant be as creative. You make me miss freelancing. Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your free samples with us, and don't stop producing them. I am sure they will be of benefit to people that cant make there own, and have no money.

    Some times people are in just to much of a hurry to say thank you. Don't let it get you down :)

  • Velojet: Thanks for giving me encouragement to start producing more. Yeah I should be posting picture I will do that as time goes by.

    Wink: Thanks for your advise and encouragement. No need to be apologetic. How was the go on freelancing? I think you should continue if you are missing it. Its a new journey for me.

    "Some times people are in just to much of a hurry to say thank you" To my assumption since there are many views they must be people who are downloading but arent saying anything.

    Desrick457 Thanks for the link but have you heard about ibuildapp.com Which do you think its better Html5 app or iBuild

    Guys you should note that I will be very busy doing other stuff but within this week I will post some more

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