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  • zak The go on freelancing was great back in the day when there wasn't much competition. If anyone ever tells you that competition is good for business there either a lair, or they are a giant in the industry that just buys out the competition as soon as they start to turn a profit. lol

    In the late 1990s during the Dot-com boom was a great time to be a web developer. There were countless internet companies that pushed their stock valuations into the stratosphere even though they never made a penny. Every business wanted a web presence, and they all had plenty of money to spend. Not to mention there weren't many web developers around. Those were the best years to be a freelancer.

    I don't really have the time anymore to freelance. I have a pretty good job as a web developer, I like getting weekly paychecks, health insurance, and payed vacations :) When I'm not working I am spending all my time developing games. That's really what I want to do now anyway :D

    But I'm sure you will do just fine :) Good luck!

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  • Wow its almost a month because I have been busy

    Wink Thanks Man for you wish and advise. I appreciate.

    Yes competition is at its brim. Very hard to stand out but also this 21 century offers good hope. Reason being there are new web technology trends eg HTML 5 that are emerging nowdays together with great tools to help you work better and faster. This era provide the cutting edge for the web developer. Long are the days when one will only need photoshop and dreamweaver to accomplish your work. If one can learn and adopt this new trends faster then one will have a upper hand than others having a good market share.

    Lucky you with a pretty good job and all the best but for me I am a starting and it looks like its going to bear fruits.

    I am even redone my site and still more is to come

    Zech Communicates

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