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  • Hey guys,

    i've started developing a small program for installing, downloading and uploading plugins, behaviours and effects.

    will be using MSSQL database and WPF C#. it will autodetect installed plugins, read available ones from database, and will allow users to download and install them.

    also there will be option for users to upload their own, update, changelogging, delete them, and more.

    if you have any more ideas that you would like to see in this program i am making, please PM me, or write here.

    soon pictures!

  • Interesting... a quick way to see what plugins you have that have an update available that can be one click updated is a great idea!... I recommend if possible to keep a version history that users can revert to if for some reason an updated plugin is broken they can go back to the last good version they were using.

  • hmmm, a good idea. i have already predicted keeping changelogs for newer versions, but i will add this on the list as one of possibilities. it seems like it would have it's uses.

  • Great idea! It will be really helpful. Thanks for doing this.

  • i didn't expect such low interest.

    anyway here's what i've imagined (sketches for now), on images below.

    these are just preliminary sketches and i will work on them based on how i see fit.

    soon images of program.

  • first form done! i'm kinda busy all over so it's going slowly but i know what i have to do..

    any ideas for login window? (i will rework the logo yet, this c2 logo in background is just for testing some options)

  • a little update i guess..

    since i've saw that some guy stopped developing his own plugin manager for construct i guess i should at least list the features that my will include:

    1. user control (reg & logging)

    2. adding / updating / deleting your own mods - everyone can see them and download but can't change (except your own)

    3. versioning (changelogs + ability to download older versions (if user puts them up))

    4. links to forum / capx / examples

    5. automatic installation and uninstallation, downloading and so on.

    6. probably some live showcase

  • Hi, Saiyadjin,

    Looking good already!

    "Plugins" would only be plugins as opposed to not behaviours or effects?

    I have one suggestion for the login window - A save usermame and password checkbox?


  • yes, there are 3 types of addons (mods) in construct - plugins, behaviours and effects. effects are for sprite effects that can be added through editor, behaviours are.. well behaviours, and plugins are usually addons that give some new functionality to editor itself, or they expand the existing skillset of construct. plugins are usually object types.

    good idea for save password!

  • I started to work on something similar back in November.

    If you are familiar with nodejs and would like to check things out or contribute please let me know.



  • nice! i'm bad with nodeJS, haven't used it ever really, but your thing looks nice.

    anyway here's the prealpha version of workspace (i'm a bit slow with work on plugin because of my paid job)

  • added messagebox form and upload form, also tweaked a bit old form.

    now i'm hitting functionality - ideas are welcome ofc! i know gui doesn't look as much, but it will be updated later, i just wanna get it functional now, i've got some

    forms ready for testing.

  • sorry for late calling, was busy with job and had some pc trouble with SQL mang. studio and visual studio, had to reinstall pc and stuff.

    anyway development is going nicely - loging in and registering is working nicely, now i'm going to hit the big parts - adding mods, removing and download/installing.

    also i will include a parser that will parse through your files and fill relevant data. soon more to come, hopefully i will have working examples in a couple of days (week or two).

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  • what? i'm still working on it, hopefully i will have version 0.1 out after easter

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