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  • sorry guys about late calling in.. i've stopped development currenty because i've broken my right arm.. hand to be more precise so i have more trouble holding mouse then before and it's gonna take at least 2 -3 more weeks before i get my hand in working order.

    in any case here's what i've intended todo:

    • plugins, effects and behviours manager
    • tutorial manager
    • how to manager (pretty much the same as tuts, but easier to find stuff and control
    • bug report system (for plugins behavs and effects - you submit a bug and creator gets a message about it)
    • i had something else on my mind and i can't think of it now

    anyway i'm finishing my pc game soon after my hand is healed and then i'm rolling with this until it's done. i hope i will make that in a time of 2 weeks max.


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  • Keep at it man, even if there isn't a lot of replies on your post, something like this could be very useful to A LOT of us. Lookin good!

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