Rev-Share - Looking for C3 Developer to Create Light-Weight Niche HTML5 Applications

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  • Hello There!

    This request might sound quite awkward on first glance but please allow me to explain simply in a few bullet points, along with a deeper explanation further below:

    • With Light-Weight Apps, I mean simple applications such as a Hose Reel Calculator or a Small Engine Reference Guide. (Click on the links to see what I built as examples)
    • Clearly I know my way around Construct, however I want to get to the next level and figure partnering with a C3 specialist is going to be the more optimal route so I can focus on the business and management aspects.
    • Why Revenue Share? Because I am building a Business Consulting Firm specializing in E-Commerce & Software Small-Mid Business consulting - As contracts / sales are earned, you will be compensated 50-75% of the Software value. I intend to make my own share of the pie through the consulting and on-going project management, while niche applications you will be creating are going to be mostly your compensation for adding value to their business.
    • Why Construct 3? Because I like the way it operates and the fact it can be exported in many different formats and the fact that I have enough understanding to realize its limitations and capabilities - and the fact it is a very mainstreamed programming tool.

    Thank you for reading so far! As for the niche part, I will be starting with Pressure Washing Manufacturers & Retailers as well as Paint Sprayer Equipment Manufacturers & Retailers. I have been a Project Manager in those niches for over 5 years at an E-Commerce firm and have many contacts and see a lack of technological know-how in those companies which can benefit strongly from such simple tools like a calculator for their equipment or even maybe a simple interactive questionnaire to help their customer narrow down the product line they should pay specific knowledge to.

    I gladly will draft contracts and I don't expect full-time work, but I want a reliable person that can squeeze my projects in on-demand. As a Project Manager I'm smart enough to ask beforehand how long such an individual project will take and to gather all the specifications upfront to prevent unwanted surprises.

    As for my other qualifications, I'm a certified Technical Writer and have Intermediate HTML & CSS knowledge with basic PHP knowledge (I created a few internal WordPress / WooCommerce plugins before) as well as basic VBA knowledge and Advanced Graphic Design (I had marketing for 2 years in school and did professional graphic design as part of E-Mail and Website Design).

    If you are interested in such an opportunity, please let me know. I'm available via Discord, E-Mail and LinkedIn if you wish to discuss further.

    Thank you very much for your time and I'm looking forwards to hear from you!


    Andreas Lopez

  • I sent you an invitation on Linkedin.


  • Are you still looking for someone to work with?

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  • Are you still looking for someone to work with?

    I'm still open for an additional developer. Feel free to add me on LinkedIn or shoot me an email. andreas.lopez93 at

    That way we can go over the details and see if the opportunity is suitable for both of us.


    Andreas Lopez

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