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  • My first game that I been literally doing solo is almost finished. So now I want to tap into a much more long winded project. I use to work for PWO: Pokemon World Online, I left due to their constant lack of game design knowledge and lack of updates to our players. I still do not think they even have that game stable, many complaints.

    I have not looked into it much yet but hopefully C2 can handle a few hundred to couple thousand players for a MMO version, otherwise it will be just be a single players with leaderboards.

    Anyways, I need some fellow artists, and devs that are a fan of the franchise and would like to make serious efforts out of this. Sure due to copyrights I cannot sell the game, I can however promote advertisements and gain large revenue from that and plus you could be apart of a large fan base for any future games that we do sell could be easily tested and purchased by many players we already would have.

    I have the name ready to, Pokemon Forces. It was originally a 3D project I messed with in Unity awhile ago but would like a 2D version since I discovered c2.

    if you seem interested please message me and let me know.

    Must be at least 16 years old.


    PM me here

    reply below

    Skype me: Mingerjosh

  • Hey , do you know that your project must be free , you won't be able to commercialise it if you use the pokemon copyrighted content , Game freak might even attack you for this one ...

  • Like i said above it will not be a pay to play, stricly advertisements, ie: Google Adsense. On top of that I been dealing with Nintendo for over 4 years, Game Freak also is not the licensed holder of Pokemon, only the 3rd party games they make. Nintendo is the prime IP's holder to the franchise. But I know a ton on IP's, trademarks, copyrights, etc. been studying it in game business for quite a long time now. So I know what I can and cannot do in terms of property usage with the Pokemon IP's.

    Hope this helps a bit.

  • any revenue you gain, be it pay to play, purchased app or free with ads puts it into copyright territory where whoever the licensed copyright holder can claim it.

  • Yep ... Better do as all the other clones and create your own creature ...

    I got the name ! Mingermons :D !

  • Making an mmo is a monumental task that Nintendo could tear down in seconds with one cease and desist letter, resulting in a huge amount of wasted work. You should make your own original game instead. The big companies tend to ignore projects because most don't get anywhere, or are small enough to not really be noticeable, but many projects have been trashed when they were convinced they could use an ip in a certain way but were misinformed. I listened to a lawyer speak about this, and Nintendo would be well within their rights to shut down your project.

    Learn from what happened to the streets of rage remake - eight years were spent on it and sega shut it down days after release. Also pokenet - they never received any money at all and got shut down anyway.

    Seriously. Don't waste your time. Even if it's pokemon inspired, make something original.


  • I am fine with copyrights laws. I have done 4+ years of it, believe me. I again stress the fact I worked with PWO strongly and as you can see they still go on to make 60k+/month, Nintendo knows very well of their existence. Also please look into Pokie Ninja as well as another prime example, they use not one but 3 franchises, One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto.

    Just because a company has money and threatens the little guys all the time does not mean jack to someone who does the research and knows the loopholes, the scenarios to avoid, and what is aloud.

    Adsense is allowed on any content based site that excluded illegal and or pornographic content. In terms of Nintendo I am making money from my site not a game, as it is not recorded as sales from a game. On top of which I am not demanding players to go to the site and view my ads, nor click them. It is a "choice" thing. Plus the site is a portal for all content under my company and therefore is also protected under my own IP's.

    I can even get a kickstarter for the project under several protecting laws.

    All these shutdown rumors, and letters you hear about only tell one side of the story, they claim to have been bullied to close down, when in fact they usually screwed up and went over the line with their content and even tried to scam funds from players. Also if you try to use an IP in a threatening way you can also be hit with the shut down notices. there is many ways to go about it in a great way and many to not, most people think simply giving credit to the creators is enough and it is not. I like some took the long hard hours for years to establish what is what and what the grey area allows.

    Thus PWO, Pokie Ninjas, and many others are capable of running day to day freely.

    I could make my own original idea sure, but then why when I know I am allowed to make this? This in which has more than 200 Million fans word wide. On top of the fact Nintendo owns no IP's to a Pokemon MMO nor Online RPG based. If I am lucky they may even give me a contract to run this officially if it is done right. Would be awesome for sure. But anyways like I said it is what I plan to make and for most of you saying MMO's are like OMG too hard, too long, etc. False, almost every game that is worth a crap is a 2-3 year project. Plus you take it in paces, do not think months ahead think today. I have worked on many MMO project already 4 of which are due to release this year in beta, so I am well experienced there.

    Thanks to all who read this all and understood. I will gladly answer any questions you have.

    PS: I am a long time fan and wish to see a proper game made as Nintendo stated they will not make one. So I do not wish to make an off brand version of my own when I can just make a great legit version. :)

  • No one wants to put his head under a guillotine ...

    Just sayin'

  • I think you are greatly missing the point of being allowed to do certain things. Like the example above there are many loopholes to each law. Just finding them is hard and what I spent 4 years researching.

  • Hey man , who knows , maybe tommorow , pokemon MMO would be closed ...

  • Everyone here is making valid points when it comes to stepping on the toes of copyright holders, though if you feel you can avoid the legal pitfalls of making something with another IP then I say go for it. I wish you the best of luck, a Pok�mon MMO would be fantastic.

  • Small world, I used to work for Pokemon World Online too!

    I did all the GUI you've seen since 2009.

    EDIT: Pokie Ninja is licensed the 3 franchises you mentioned. So your example is invalid. MMO like Pokemon World Online remain on the edge of the copyright law. At any point of time, if Nintendo were to have sent them a C&D, it would have to be terminated.

    <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • You got a Game Design Document ? Would love to read it, made already 1 for a Multiplayer Monster MMO (only 26 sites), it would be great to read yours.

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  • Thanks everyone for your concerns and feedback. Though Pokie Ninja however did not get a license from any of the Anime companies nor from their manga authors. They are using parody rights, among others to avoid any legal concerns, I have spoken with the author of Bleach once before because I wanted to make a similar game and that took a full circle trip to get in touch with him, but anyways I am indeed working on a GDD and will gladly share it with who ever cares to read it and possibly help.

    PWO was a great start but a sad excuse of a game now, though being the only real one out there they still get the supporters, I plan to reinvent the way the games played, and hopefully gain some fans from it. This is more or less a community builder project, the following games will be what gets revenue, but this game has potential for millions of players and fans. Not bad to start a company off of.

  • ... hopefully C2 can handle a few hundred to couple thousand players for a MMO version ...

    Hmmm. How're you planning to do this? C2 won't handle the MMO aspect on its own. What additional technology are you intending to use?

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