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  • Will more than likely need some hard coded server to handle the traffic. maybe a plugin that runs the server using C# or C++ but reads as javascript on C2, or something. But either way will more than likely need hard coded.

  • With websockets and node.js should it be possible

  • , nope , websockets aren't appropriate for massive multiplayer games , they aren't appropriate for any realtime communication other than chat rooms ...

  • For me it works well, got a nice little realtime field there 2 player can move at the same time. But never tried it with more than 4 Players.

    Browserquest wasn?t with web sockets ?

  • Yeah, a custom coded server structure is probably only if not best option.

  • Even if you're technically in the right using loopholes and crazy things, Nintendo could get lawyer power like you couldn't even believe. Side with money will win.

  • Try websockets 500+ Player no problem, Browserquest is the best example

  • Hi there,

    I am eskimojoe on the Unity Forums,

    Lands of Ammox MMO owners and parent company, ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc, was scammed by this PrionGames and he harasses our staff with tort, threats and insults.

    I wish to inform the person PrionGames, I want you to go to his suspended website:

    priongames.com which is always constantly suspended as of today.

    unkindworld.com which is always parked for no reason...

    If you go put his address on Google Maps, the location shows a cemetery (who lives there?), you phone-up this guy on his WHOIS phone number, the phone number is invalid, and you are essentially signing a fake contract because his company has been delisted from West Virginia Company Registrar and does not exist on the Dunn and Bradstreet company list. The company does not even respond to BBB (Better Business Bureau) replies against that company.

    Do you want to know why this person was banned from Unity Forums:

    The use of offensive language in any form.

    Trolling or off topic discussions.


    The use of offensive language in any form.

    Discussions on pirated software or illegal activity.


    Abuse, threatening or discriminating behaviour.

    The use of offensive language in any form.


    Abuse, threatening or discriminating behaviour.

    The use of offensive language in any form.


    What did he do to the previous teams?

    unkindworld.com - Keeping a domain name hostage from his previous team.

    After some time, PrionGames was banned from the Unity Forums (you can ask the UnityTech Admins about this).

    He was also banned from the UDK forums for the same reasons (you can ask the EpicGames Admin about this). His posts were deleted from the UDK forums as he started many fights with others, insults and the UDK admins had enough of him.

    The MMO you are helping him to make is illegal in the sense it infringes the elements and aspects of an existing game. Any person with half a brain would know you need to make a totally unique game and not copy elements of an existing game.

    Since that company is delisted, you are dealing with shady aliases who owns a delisted company, non-existent address (company address is invalid), websites are invalid, phone numbers are invalid.

  • I've been visiting these forums for a while watching the progress of quite a few 2D titles, but have neglected to join for one reason or the other [mostly my limited freetime]. Being a huge Pokemon fan, I thought I'd give this thread a glimpse, hoping to see a properly licensed titled making an appearance. After doing some research on this PrionGames company [or JoshMinger individual]I had to register to share my findings. It appears this individual goes from forum to forum, from game engine to game engine, harassing and disrespecting people. I've found multiple post where he's being trolled for his rude behavior and inaccuracies.

    I don't feel that anyone should continue offering suggestions to this individuals. It's obvious that he has never released any product on a professional level, nor does he have any idea of the implications of his potential actions.

    Both my brother and my father are lawyers. As I've been studying game development with the desire to one day open my own business, I talk to them constantly about lawful and unlawful business practices. Before posting this, I spoke with my brother briefly, and he confirmed that there is no legal loophole to assist in the avoidance of prosecution for the blatant disregard of intellectual property [IP] and/or copyright infringement. The 4 years of effort you've spent have obviously been absolutely uneventful for you.

    It's apparent that it's easy for people to address topics as if they are knowledgeable to those with no insight to what that person is saying. However, convincing someone with a full understanding of what is being fed is impossible. You keep speaking of a "loophole", but realistically there is none, so you use that word to deceive and confuse viewers further. If indeed you have this magical loophole, wouldn't it be beyond reasonable to share it with concerned, potential supporters??? Please don't attempt to mask the truth from these people. This is a really nice community of people and they don't deserve what you've put other communities through. Everyone please stay clear of this individual or contact a local law specialist before involvement with this company; contact the Better Business Bureau to acquire more information about this company to be safe. Most attorneys do free consultations as both my father and brother has stated. Be aware of what you potential risk facing. I hope I've been helpful in some way or another.

  • We contacted the West Virginia BBB. BBB send to PrionGames two letters to his business address. Both went with no response.

    It is not just us who got scammed by PrionGames LLC. Other companies tried to serve a lawsuit to them. Nobody of the surname Minger exists at that location of his address (stated of Incorporation).

  • Given what you've found it, it's probably best if a mod closes this thread and updates the original post with a 'DO NOT CONTACT' warning or otherwise removes the email.

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  • <img src="http://i1187.photobucket.com/albums/z385/joesnowman/pic46.png" border="0" />

    Please see the BBB rating. The phone number is invalid, the address is invalid, nobody can be contacted at that website, nobody by surname "Minger" works at the address listed at the BBB.

    The business is rated "F" which is one of the worst ratings for businesses.

  • You have been reported Sally. Nice fake account above also.

    My BBB is rated an F because i do not sell anything. I also do not pay their yearly fees to be listed through there program. BBB is a joke just like you.

  • Same too, you were reported as well.

    It is very clear from the beginning you were doing an illegal MMO and disrespecting IP laws.

    Even your own posts says so:

    I am fine with copyrights laws. I have done 4+ years of it, believe me. I again stress the fact I worked with PWO strongly and as you can see they still go on to make 60k+/month, Nintendo knows very well of their existence. Also please look into Pokie Ninja as well as another prime example, they use not one but 3 franchises, One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto.

    Just because a company has money and threatens the little guys all the time does not mean jack to someone who does the research and knows the loopholes, the scenarios to avoid, and what is aloud.

    Adsense is allowed on any content based site that excluded illegal and or pornographic content. In terms of Nintendo I am making money from my site not a game, as it is not recorded as sales from a game. On top of which I am not demanding players to go to the site and view my ads, nor click them. It is a "choice" thing. Plus the site is a portal for all content under my company and therefore is also protected under my own IP's.

    I can even get a kickstarter for the project under several protecting laws.

    All these shutdown rumors, and letters you hear about only tell one side of the story, they claim to have been bullied to close down, when in fact they usually screwed up and went over the line with their content and even tried to scam funds from players. Also if you try to use an IP in a threatening way you can also be hit with the shut down notices. there is many ways to go about it in a great way and many to not, most people think simply giving credit to the creators is enough and it is not. I like some took the long hard hours for years to establish what is what and what the grey area allows.

    Anyone with half a brain can call-up the number listed for PrionGames and see it is disconnected,

    your website has been suspended for ages upon end.

  • You have been reported Sally. Nice fake account above also.

    My BBB is rated an F because i do not sell anything. I also do not pay their yearly fees to be listed through there program. BBB is a joke just like you.

    You do sell things, like your other thread saying you are a 2D artist for money and then people try to get their money back. BBB calls and gave you two written notices.

    Do you think BBB is a joke? PrionGames is a joke company and does illegal MMO. even others warned about it but PrionGames never listens.

    Anyone with half a brain can call the Phone Number listed on the BBB site for PrionGames and see it is disconnected, browse PrionGames website to see it is suspended.

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