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  • Hi There!

    I'm a fulltime freelancer with over 15 years of international experience as a professional programmer. I'm happy to help with Construct 2/3 projects, C2/3 plugins & behaviors, PHP/MySQL, JavaScript, AirConsole, Unity3D/C# and related (X)HTML, CSS, SQL, ....

    I also work with several great graphic and sound artists, so if you need a complex work done I'm sure we can pick one which will fit your project perfectly.

    Let me humbly brag a bit now of what I'm proud of regarding my C2 adventure.

    • I created the very first C2/C3 preloading tool which allows to make a detailed layout loading screens with progress bar.
    • I created the very first C2/C3 unloader which allows to release textures from memory on demand.
    • I am an author of two e-books in Construct 2 area (regarding mobile development and overall performance).
    • I am currently working on MoMod - first C2/C3 event driven framework which will help Construct developers build apps much faster and switch between platforms, plugins and wrappers without an effort.
    • I completed my own projects for Steam, Android, iOS and AirConsole and over 50 Construct 2 tasks (mostly games) for my customers (full projects, additional project's features, code optimisation, custom plugins and more) leaving every single customer satisfied with what I provided.

    For more details please visit my Neexeen.com

    My Discord server Toby R's plugins

    My plugins: C2 & C3 plugins


    == EDIT ==

    Some of my recent works (quick portfolio lookup):

  • I hired this guy to create a leaderboard in my game, It worked exactly how I wanted. He changed things to my liking, fixed bugs and was extremely helpful and detailed on what I needed to do in my project. Will definatly hire again. Thanks Toby 5 stars

  • Is that you in the picture? :-p

    I like you based on your questions and interactions that I've had with you in the past.

    You can work with us if you want, but we cant pay you and you will be working for future rev shares for now. At least until we get a successful Kickstarter going in July/August.

    Email me the email in siggy.

  • gumshoe2029 Yes that's me on the picture .

    Thank you for your offer but I am full time bussy now and accepting only small tasks which I do after "day job" hours and a bit on the weekends so I'm afraid I can't help with any big thing now.

    Anyway good luck with your project!

  • Toby is great!

    He's just finished with a project for me and he went above and beyond to help me out, as well as giving me clear instructions and help to make sure I understood everything as well as giving me ideas that I hadn't thought of.

    Will definitely use him again (if he's got time!!) A+

  • Can vouch for the very high standard of work Toby provides.

    Toby did a piece of work for me and all the necessary comments are put in the work for me to look at and easily understand. He even gave some great advice on performance and best practice.

    The work was brilliant, after sales service is also brilliant and he's very passionate about customer satisfaction.

  • Hey brother

    What do you consider "small tasks"?

    I need help with implementing some logic on 4 or 5 different things.

  • Hi jeffige, I have some more time currently. Please send me details to tobyr[at]wtfgamesgroup[dot]com, I'll reply asap.

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  • Just sent an email.

    Thanks brother.

  • I have to say, it was my honor to work with Tobiasz. No, this isn't just your general LinkedIn recommendation, it is the truth!

    Toby is a highly professional businessman who can provide you with top class work. He addresses everything in the smartest way possible. His logic and psychological approaches are undisputed, let alone his programming skills. I have been working in various fields for the last 8 years, I own a large company and am an entrepreneur as well as indie game developer, but I've never had the pleasure to do business as smoothly and professionally as I've had with Toby. I just cannot recommend him enough, he changed my life for the better.

    Thank you, Tobiasz and all the best, friend!

    You need something done, he's the man, put no doubt in that!

  • Nice work and great price, thanks!

  • This Brother Is Amazing!

    This is my analogy: Toby took a beat up old car from the junk yard and turned it into a shiny new BMW.

    And he did it for a lot less than what others wanted.

    I had a lot of sprites and objects loaded, but the events and actions were barely there. I told him what i needed. We went back and forth a few times, just to get a better understanding. He told me 2-4 days. He was done in 3.

    Not only did he do what i needed, he cleaned everything up for me. He added sub-folders, put only what was needed on each layout, added event sheet Includes and put everything nicely in groups and sub-groups.

    Communication was awesome. A week after i got the capx back he contacts me and asks if everything was going good. There were a couple things with the player object, no fault of Toby's. He quickly worked on it 3 times within about 30 minutes. Everything is perfect now.

    This dude knows his stuff. And he knows C2. If you need a little help, hire this guy. You won't be sorry. Just one thing, if you're a bit new to C2 like i am, be ready to look over your project for a time. The way Toby adds everything will seem confusing at first, it was like i was trying to read French. But you will soon find out it's so smooth, organized and clean how he does it. Easier to read and understand.

    Save yourself some time and headache, Toby is a lifesaver.

  • Hey can u remake this game --- synergy-studios.net/Gamez/123

    my developer has disappered

    This is a a paid project. I need help finishing a game. I need help setting up multiple levels, setting up a visible scoring system. moving from level to level , Transitions and the main menu. All the layout work is already completed ---- I also need help with setting up a score system that is visual for the player. This is a paid gig there is no design work involved just simple coding and transitions.

    Here is my contact information - My Skype user ID is Josh317. And this is my email address tulsa317eqs@gmail.com

  • I emailed you

  • Hey man, I´ve send you a mail.


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