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  • Because of the amazing wisdom and knowledge Toby has .With his 15 years of experience And also he is opening to share what it takes to become a great indie developer... I thank him very much for the work he contributes for the community ...

    Seriously his books are amazing and easy to catch onto ...

    Very easy basic A.B.C.D etc for anyone first time or wants to learn what is next you can do with construct 2 ...

    Take my advice and take Toby as a personal Construct 2 teacher threw the internet .....

    Hes amazing and defiantly people you can learn something new in less then 24 hours ...

    Thank you again Toby for all your help ...

    Feel better buddy ......

    Truly appreciate your service

  • Nice to see all these positive comments. If I ever need assistance with a project I'll hire Toby

  • Thank you all for your great comments. I should have thanked you earlier already! I really appreciate all the comments .

    BTW: I have updated my first post here. Added a list of some of my recent works.

  • Good evening.

    First of all to ask for pardon for my Englishman.

    To comment that I have been working with Toby, during a time in a project and hoping that it is not the last one.

    To be grateful for his patience to him and to be able to come is necessary to do what I had in my head, if I was not for Toby, it might not have done it, thank you very much.

    A greeting.

  • Thank you mallorcaredes!

  • If you're interested in a low-chance, sideproject for your free time please check my post :

  • I wanted to let the forum know the tremendous experience I had hiring Toby.

    Being new to C2, Toby was patient, explained items in a clear, concise manner and really helped me keep my project organized. Not only did he help program and debug, but gave me great tips and learnings as I continued the project. Without help from Toby the project would have come to a complete standstill as I slogged around forums and ripped my hair out in frustration. I continue to reach out and work with him regularly.

    I highly recommend! thanks again.

  • Thank you for the great words Aserak2012, much appreciated!

    Thank you for your offer but I'm afraid I won't manage to fit any more side projects in my timeline as I'm mostly focused on freelance work now. Wish you a great success with your project!

  • Toby is very good. He worked on a leaderboard implementation for us and thing just worked

    right of the bat! very satisfied with delivery time and fast response.

  • I've just updated the first post, added some points to "Quick portfolio lookup".

  • Updated the original post here. I made and released [MM_Preloader] plugin.

    With this plugin you can preload objects, custom items and even layouts which allows to make any loading screen including loading screen between layouts with progress bar and animations. It does not fake preloading, it is a real preloading and it does not "mask" the screen freeze, but it gets rid of it.

    Layout preloading is a feature that has been requested many times in last several years. Now it's finally possible to do it in C2.

    Quick example:

    If you have any questions regarding this plugin please use this thread:

  • I'm also available for C3 work now, including development of C3 plugins/behaviors (original post updated).

  • Made several plugins recently including "Unload from memory" type plugin and so updated portfolio here.

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  • Is the email on your website (Neexeen) the best way to reach you?

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