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  • <img src="http://i49.tinypic.com/aav43.jpg" border="0" />

    My name is Drew and I am a 2d artist that is looking for a programmer who is familiar with Construct. I worked in the pro game industry as a concept artist and a character designer for the Sims 3 Pets and a game that was cancelled by EA. After that, I decided that I'd like to start my own indie company (Notion Games LLC).

    The games I am wanting to make are 'Super Ubi Land' and 'Team Notion.'

    Super Ubi Land will be a game similar to Super Mario World but not nearly as big. This project is moreso to get used to working with the programmer before starting on the bigger project Team Notion.

    <img src="http://i50.tinypic.com/o70uhx.jpg" border="0" />

    I started playing around with Construct 2 and Gamemaker and was able to make these in about 2 days:

    (The art in these two videos are incomplete and is just my playing around with the engine trying to learn them myself a bit)



    Team Notion will be a side scroller 2d beat em up similar to the Streets of Rage, Final Fight and Castle Crasher games.

    <img src="http://i46.tinypic.com/66jlw2.jpg" border="0" />

    <img src="http://i49.tinypic.com/24zgly1.jpg" border="0" />

    I started Notion Games LLC to create indie games back in Nov 2011 and released one game so far:

    <img src="http://i46.tinypic.com/2le711s.jpg" border="0" />

    (Up Up Ubi Trailer)


    Up Up Ubi Official Soundtrack:


    We have a small team in Notion; Myself (artist, game designer), Calum Bowen (composer), Joe (ports the finished games to other plats) and Matthew Jones (writer). We are in need of a main programmer who will work closely with me to create the games.

    We are really serious and passionate about game creation and we'd love to have a programmer on board who feels the same. If you are interested, please contacts us.

    Feel free to check out the Notion Games website at notiongames.com

  • if by programmer, you mean construct 2 designer, then yes! I'm definitely interested!

  • ouch i would love that but i'm pretty weak on programming right now :) good luck with that game it looks great ^^

  • Hi Drew,

    I only just noticed this post now, but it looks interesting. Have you found yourself a C2 dev yet? I guess you must have sorted something out, as I have seen Super Ubi Land in one of your other posts.

    Let me know if you're still looking for collaborators.



  • This post is really old... I'm pretty sure he found someone (or took up the role himself).

  • yeah he's been actively developing super ubi land.

  • Thanks guys for the interest! I've been working on Super Ubi Land myself right now but I cannot lie, I would like some help on my next game Team Notion. I've been able to get in contact with Nintendo on developing for the Wii U so I'm hoping to be able to team up with someone who does know how to program in general.

    I want to create my games in C2 first then port over to Unity in order for the games to work on the Wii U (I'm sure thats a very backwards way of doing things but I want C2 to have more projects in it's catalog).

    If anyone is interested, please send me a PM. Particularly anyone who can make a 2d side scrolling beat em up similar to the ninja turtles in time, streets of rage or castle crasher games.

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  • Why not do it in Unity straight away?

  • Hi Drew, just PM'ed you yesterday as requested.

  • Hello,


    Are you looking for a programmer to work within the current engines for both those platforms? Or are you looking for someone who can customize the engines?

    A thought:

    C2 and Unity platforms have very little in common, as far as porting goes. From everything I've learned you'd have to basically re-make the game on either end, from a programming standpoint. I'm sure you could reuse all the media, but programming would have to be re-done. Though depending on the complication of the game, this may not really be that big of an issue.

    As someone else asked though: Why not just make it in Unity?

    And the reason I ask this is because it seems you are wanting to target more platforms than just Web or Mobile. So if you want to hit up platforms like Wii or Playstation or X-Box (the least expensive for indie development being X-Box), you'd have an additional set of programming for pretty much no reason, other than the desire to work with C2.

    And although I love C2, it may not fit your long term goals. Or at the very least create an unwanted development time to get to all your desired platforms.

  • Keep in mind that in unity you will be working in a 3D environment with an orthogonal and/or perspective cameras.

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