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  • So I had an idea for an open world post-apocalyptic game (very original I know.)

    So it was sort of like a human’s vs creatures mmorpg type game. Everyone will spawn in the same level and you can choose to be either a human or a creature. From here you start on your respected island to learn the basics of how to survive and thrive as your respected species.

    Both species will have their own base stats and skill tree type things. For example, you will start off a basic human. Form here you can choose to specialize in the sciences, engineering or just basic life skills. For the creatures it could be you specialize in destroying human built objects, taking on humans in battle or adapting to the environment around you. Granted you could choose not to limit your tree and build a basic knowledge of each.

    The humans wouldn’t be able to attack humans and creatures wouldn’t be able to attack creatures so there has to be some form of teamwork involved, in saying that if someone’s being mauled to death outside your hidden base you still aren’t required to open the door, but it would be nice.

    Humans can create factions to fight off the hordes of creatures with their friends, find somewhere on the map to try and rebuild and survive. Creatures are there for the sole purpose that they like the broken world they live in and want to make sure it stays that way so they destroy and slaughter everything other than their own.

    Humans will start off being more productive during the day but can adapt to be more productive at night creatures will be the opposite. Granted Humans will always be more productive during the day and creatures during the night.

    If you have ever played PlanetSide2 that is the type of map I envision but there will be a main island for humans to go back to grind and resub (to a certain level) and creatures to do the same, but the base of the game is on a big open map with the humans and creatures fighting for territory. Basically a never ending war over land.

    Creatures are the hard part making their skill trees and such so it’s even against the humans, pretty much anything a human can do there’s a creature counter to it and vice versa. Humans are easy because we just take skills and the stuff we already know about life.

  • I very nice idea you got, makes me just wonder.. I am aware that Construct is able to do many things and also miracles in able hands. Creating such a large game would not get to really shine the way I see this could. How much have you made games before?

  • Hay mate, Ive never created- nor worked on any games before Im just one of those people whos full of ideas about alot of things and very passionate about them. I kind of just found this blog and it seemed to be the most active of all the others I found so I figured id put my idea out there to people.

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  • Good that you have passion that is most definitely needed in the branch of creative work. In that case, I suggest that you DO NOT GIVE UP the thought. Rather I suggest that you further build up the idea, the world, the setting and so on until you have the means/skills/connections to make it a reality. MMOs are complex projects that have a team of talented people behind them. I don't want you to be discouraged because of what I have said. Rather, take it as a cue to dig into game design and get your hands dirty with whatever makes in interested.

    The best thing you can do if you want to be a game designer is to start small and NEVER give up a great idea. I've had an idea of a world and a game for 5 years now. Been writing the story and lore for a long time but because I feel it is such a great concept, I have not let it go.

  • Sorry for the late reply ive been in the field. Thanks mate and i wont give up and like you said i will eventually find someone who knows more about the tech side of it and we shall sort something out


  • You are most welcome

  • It is a great idea, and I'm sure it could b possible to make, but you will need a good team to help you with such task. Im currently working on my first, and learning to use Construct 2 , it has so much ways and tools. Maybe in a near future we can help each other out.

  • Like Defiance?

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