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  • I'd love some help in design department. Help in a form of opinion

    I'm making a game which involves STARS as high score. I want the STARS to fit the game theme! Game is a giant cube traveling in space. It's one giant maze made of many levels.It's a maze.In space I would love to share a game screenshot but everything is a placeholder and graphics are work in progress!

    Here is the screenshot of the STARS I designed:

    Pick top 3 you like and write the numbers!


  • 11, 8, 13 are pretty good. Though my final opinion could change depending of the rest of the graphics in the game.

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  • It would be more efficient to view your stars inside your level design. Your inner gradient looks perfect, but to choose which border fits the best, I would say it is depending on the context you will put it in.

    Anyway with a white background, my fav is definetly n°2. Mostly because a "dark orange" border enhance your star gradient well. Another point to notice: I would not use a complex border design - It is definetly not what our eye needs to focus on, right?

    Hope this help.

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