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  • As you know I'm working on my latest game Stupid Chickens 3 . In the level selection layout /scene the panel is too big and the problem is that I don't have enough space to add back to menu button so I have worked on a new design technique. In the level selection panel , I have added the back to menu button so when the player scroll for levels he can exit by scrolling to the extreme left of the panel so he can exit and go back to the menu. What do you think about the technique? Is it good enough or should I find a new way to add the button?

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  • Considering that the average mobile gamer is somewhat lazy, one might find that troublesome. Not because it is a bad idea or doesn't work but because it is one more extra thumb stroke =\ An alternative could be to have just a stroke to extreme left (or up/down) and letting go would then close the stage selection screen and return to main menu?

  • I think it's fine

  • You could cramp the items horizontally and move the entire frame to the left or right, leaving you with room on the side for buttons like options, back etc.

  • Will people be able to tell that they can scroll to the left past the levels? If it is not apparent to them, they may not realize it is possible. Never assume people will automatically know. Of course, I'm sure they will figure it out eventually.

    If it were me, I'd add a side panel on the left or right that's always visible. Or maybe something at the top or bottom. Whichever looks best. They really don't need to see a ton of levels on screen at once anyway. Just have a handful of levels visible at once and leave yourself some room for some small, unobtrusive menu buttons.

  • If you stored the levels in an array, you could make it scroll 1 column, or row at a time. Just copy the back value to the front, and delete the last cloned row.

  • I think you need a hint of the button on the left when looking at the level select. Otherwise why would people think to do one more swipe? You need to give a clue.

    Also you could just replace the level 1 position with 'main menu' instead.

  • I think it’s good and new technique to scroll for levels.

  • good approach, but if its already so weirdish, i wold'v taken out the back button when u over grab, and just close it as triggered when back button was pressed.

  • Naji

    Consider this.... in your example you right swipe to get back and when you are to your 1 level columns just use next right swipe as your auto "back button" so user dont ned to push anything and that motion would come quite natural.

  • That's not game design, it's UX. They're closely related, though, but completely different "ends". If you're not modifying any game systems, it's _not_ game design.

    The "technique" (which is not new, it's basically Material from Android and what they did for the Notification Panels since Lollipop, circa 2014) is decent, but you should use either a button or the user tapping outside of the panel because it goes against current mental models. Maybe in 5 years it might be default.

    Look how the old and new Cut The Rope does it, then clone it. Nothing wrong with it.

  • That's not game design, it's UX. They're closely related, though, but completely different "ends". If you're not modifying any game systems, it's _not_ game design.

    Yea, I was hoping for something else too clicking on this, lol.

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