What kind of games would you like to see be made with Construct?

  • Hello everyone. Hope everybody is doing well and safe. I want to have an open discussion of visions of what you would like to see be made more in construct and see your thoughts as well. I often scan these forums to get an idea of whats currently being made and I mostly often see a lot of friendly type games or child like appeal games and platformer types as well. And there's nothing absolutely wrong with that all. I do understand that construct is used to teach kids as well and is beginners friendly too for ppl learning game coding. So, you'll often see a lot of those games made because ppl are just starting out and are pretty easy to make. One genre of games I do see very little of on here are fighting games. Fighting games are my favorites and im planning on making one using construct after im done with my current project and second one after. The inspiration is inspired by the famous fighting sword arcade game, Samurai Shodown. And two other older realistic type fighting arcade games. Karate Champ and Karateka. So it will be a realistic base fighting arcade game. But not only do I want to make this for my personal reasons and love for fighting games, but it's also to make something for construct to have a more serious and mature type game and not so lightly of a friendly appeal to it. So, thats what I plan to do and have more made on a serious level of my taste;). But, enough from me. Let me hear what you like to see made more in construct and share your thoughts and visions!

  • I am just starting out and I have an 8 year old tester who doesn't speak English who comes by.

    He seems to like RPG (Roll Playing games and Platform games. The simpler the better as he cannot read very well yet.

  • Construct 3 showcase : construct.net/en/make-games/showcase

    You should likely read : construct.net/en/tutorials/how-to-learn-construct-3-next-steps-for-beginners-45

    Construct comes with templates and game demos.

    Demonoire - editor.construct.net - is a japanese RPG type of game

    Monk Fight - editor.construct.net - is a beat-em-up style game template, close enough to fighting game style.

  • I am just starting out

    RaybriteOh nice, what kind of game do you want or like to make or is making? And can this kid tell you a little of what he likes since he's your tester?


    Thanks for the demo links? But im not looking for demos if you were suggesting them to me. I already looked at them anyways and im planning on looking at the monk fight demo to have as a guide for my arcade fighting game. But the discussion is about what would you like to see made in construct and visions.

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  • I watch how long he plays each game. He doesn't know one type from another.

    He also only speaks Tagalog which I do not speak.

    He does seem to like platform games and shooting games. He will play them to the end and then say Game Over.(His only English words.)

  • Oh okay, well that's a good. Hope things turn out right with your game.

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