What kind of games would you like to see be made with Construct?

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  • Hello everyone. Hope everybody is doing well and safe. I want to have an open discussion of visions of what you would like to see be made more in construct and see your thoughts as well. I often scan these forums to get an idea of whats currently being made and I mostly often see a lot of friendly type games or child like appeal games and platformer types as well. And there's nothing absolutely wrong with that all. I do understand that construct is used to teach kids as well and is beginners friendly too for ppl learning game coding. So, you'll often see a lot of those games made because ppl are just starting out and are pretty easy to make. One genre of games I do see very little of on here are fighting games. Fighting games are my favorites and im planning on making one using construct after im done with my current project and second one after. The inspiration is inspired by the famous fighting sword arcade game, Samurai Shodown. And two other older realistic type fighting arcade games. Karate Champ and Karateka. So it will be a realistic base fighting arcade game. But not only do I want to make this for my personal reasons and love for fighting games, but it's also to make something for construct to have a more serious and mature type game and not so lightly of a friendly appeal to it. So, thats what I plan to do and have more made on a serious level of my taste;). But, enough from me. Let me hear what you like to see made more in construct and share your thoughts and visions!


  • I am just starting out and I have an 8 year old tester who doesn't speak English who comes by.

    He seems to like RPG (Roll Playing games and Platform games. The simpler the better as he cannot read very well yet.

  • Construct 3 showcase : construct.net/en/make-games/showcase

    You should likely read : construct.net/en/tutorials/how-to-learn-construct-3-next-steps-for-beginners-45

    Construct comes with templates and game demos.

    Demonoire - editor.construct.net - is a japanese RPG type of game

    Monk Fight - editor.construct.net - is a beat-em-up style game template, close enough to fighting game style.

  • I am just starting out

    RaybriteOh nice, what kind of game do you want or like to make or is making? And can this kid tell you a little of what he likes since he's your tester?


    Thanks for the demo links? But im not looking for demos if you were suggesting them to me. I already looked at them anyways and im planning on looking at the monk fight demo to have as a guide for my arcade fighting game. But the discussion is about what would you like to see made in construct and visions.

  • I watch how long he plays each game. He doesn't know one type from another.

    He also only speaks Tagalog which I do not speak.

    He does seem to like platform games and shooting games. He will play them to the end and then say Game Over.(His only English words.)

  • Oh okay, well that's a good. Hope things turn out right with your game.

  • I 100% understand what you're talking about. The sense I get from looking at the forums is that no one is working on any "popular" games, like something you would see on Steam with more mature themes. I get a feeling most people use Construct purely just to mess around, or to make arcade-y mobile games. I'm not saying that's all there ever is, or that's even a bad thing, but that's 90% of what I see.

    I'd personally like to more games made in currently trending genres (2020) that release on Steam. Like rogue-likes (Dead Cells, Hades, etc.) or base building / economy sim / survival games (Factorio, RimWorld, etc.). But those are massive projects that take a lot of time and skill to complete so I understand why Construct users don't make them. But I'm just hoping someday in the near future to see at least one person launch a financially successful game on Steam.

  • Agreed Fib. To me personally, I would find the games on here more appealing to me if they where more on a mature theme like you said. All the games don't have to be that way, its just something I would like to see more of. And I like your examples too. But hey, we can make these come true if we truly desire it and that's what I plan to do. Make it happen. Last, even tho these games would take more time and focus, it's the hard work that will pay off in the end and that's what I believe will makes it successful to me. I truly believe if we really tried, we can pull it off and make these wonderful games like you mentioned and even classic arcades games that we grew up playing. It just takes time and dedication to go through it. I can say tho, there are some users on here who have been working on these huge projects for about 2 to 3 years all ALONE and thats amazing. They're work and dedication are really paying off and the games are looking amazing. Those are the games I feel that are going to be a hit and financially successful as well that will get construct more out there.

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  • I totally agree with you and I would like to see Construct to be taken more into consideration by studios, and not having proper games is what it's hindering it down. We can't blame the engine for that, but it's a lack of real developers.

    Personally I have been experimenting many things with C2 and since I usually don't like much platformers, I create something different from the mass.

    Here is what I have done either as game or template:

    Creepy Mahjong

    A Mahjong with dark theme and forking levels. It has also an editor to create your own levels and share them with a secret code


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    64x64 ill-fated

    (Multiplayer local co-op hack 'n slash with RPG elements up to 4 players)


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    The Outermost Bastion

    Tower defense where you take direct control of the only tower in the game.


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    FPS on Rails

    First Person Shooter on Rail, template for C2/C3


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    8-bit Shooter

    Simple horizontal shooter Template for beginners.


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    I have other experiment and tests, but not in a really playable status like this pinball done during a Game Jam:

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    So, to conclude, with Construct you can really create anything in 2d, just need someone with skills and possibly funding to be able to support the time to develop a proper game.

  • I was wondering if construct work with any studios or would be interested in partnering with one if that's what want they would like to do or desire. I know big companys like nintendo used it if im correct. The fact that a big company like nintendo used construct is a big congrats and tells you they are one the right path. And of course, its not the engines fault. Construct is very useful to use. It is base on the person of how they use it. Also, Interesting projects you've made. Are you still working on any of them? Last, im sure they're plenty of developers on here that are skilled with construct. If they decide to take that serious step of making something that would blow up, im sure they could. But, we can as well. It just takes time and once more, patients to get there and learn.

  • GamerDude96 I am sure some studios use Construct for quick prototyping of 2d games, the difficult part is to get a job as a person that uses only C2/C3, and that I think it's quite unlikely, unfortunately.

    I think there is definitely space to work as a freelancer, and that's what I am trying to do. Even be able to work to develop quick prototypes for different studios would be something nice to do. Of course, as a freelancer, it's not a continuous flow of money.

    I did one year as full-time indie, I took a risk, but I did learn a lot, not only about developing. I started a YouTube channel, a Patreon page, studied marketing and other stuff. The hard reality is that during this time the income as a beginner is too low because you don't have enough contacts to get freelance jobs and in the end, I had to go back to my 'normal' work that is totally unrelated to game development.

    I still work with C2 on some projects, but my normal job drains all my energy. The job itself is quite easy, but the environment is highly mind demanding, stressing me so much. Every day I hate so much to go to work and once home I don't have a proper mind status to work on projects.

    In the end, I can't develop much because I have a normal job and if I don't have a normal job I can't sustain my family. So the progression is really hard. Being lucky to get some contacts and start to do freelance jobs at least for 3-4 months would be a great chance to try again to go back full-time indie.

    I wish people would be more open-minded about software, in the end, it's the final result that counts, not what you have used to develop a game...

  • Well, you did try and thats all that matters. Family do come first but hopefully, maybe you could get the time and mind you need to work back on it again. I understand how it can be difficult for some people, especially if they have families and don't much time to do what they truly love or desire. Thanks for sharing your experience and view with me.

  • Definitively the time will come, I am not going to give up so easily on this.

    Thank you for starting this topic and keep updating it, so I can see your progress ;-)

  • "Definitively the time will come, I am not going to give up so easily on this."

    That's the spirit! No problem and I will.

  • Bliim, nice projects.

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