What kind of games would you like to see be made with Construct?

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  • GamerDude96 was really a great game back then.

    I would suggest you to check out the MS-DOS version that is definitely better than the C64 conversion.

    The animations are so good because they were made in rotoscope, a tachnique that records a real actor and then artists draw frame by frame on top of the original image. In this way all the movements feel very natural.

    Have a look at this footage about the game:

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    The idea is for sure not bad, but you need to create interesting puzzles to make it stand out.

    Animation wise, you can try to go with rotoscope too and record a friend or even yourself :D

  • Wow. So THATS how they made those animations look so real and good. It looks very fun to do. I will defiantly be looking into that Rotoscope

    I will check out the MS-DOS Version of the game as well. Im not sure if ever seen or heard of it, but will indeed check it out.

    For the game, I have some ideas and features that would make this stand out ;)

  • Good luck with it and enjoy the process.

    It sounds fun to do! :)

  • I checked out the MS-DOS Ver and yes, I seen and watched that gameplay version too, along with the C64 version of the game. It's defiantly is a better version but I like them both equally ;). Looking into the rotoscope technique is exactly what I need to make my games and it gives me such confidence and excitement to learn and start on this rotoscoping lol. I will defiantly be enjoying the process and will be having fun doing it. Thanks for introducing me to this technique!

  • You are welcome :-)

    And don't forget to share your progress! :D

  • I prefer MMORPG type

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  • I prefer MMORPG type

    1) Good luck in making it with Construct. Not impossible, but probably not the best option to work with a big team.

    2) You need a big team.

    3) You need lot of money.

    4) Everyone needs lots of experience.

    5) It will takes many years...

    6) I'm leaving this point empty, for anyone that wants to add more... :P

  • Well, I started to do a little work on the fighting game I said I wanted to make from the first page. Im just working on bits of it for now because im still working on my first project that is coming together. So I don't want to get off track. In response to the MMORPG, that would be nice to see be made in construct. Of course games like that takes time make, but it doesnt matter. It's the time and effort you put into your work that matters. And if you can make it work or happen/driven to do it, then months or years won't matter much as long as you can see it come to life. thats the way I see it from my point of view. RPG games would be nice to see though in construct as well.

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