The Do's & Do Not's of Game Design

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  • Found an interesting article on Rock, Paper, Shotgun concerning several general rules of game design. I found them to be good and simple guidelines and certainly things to think about in any stage of the game-development process.

    You can read the story here.

    My favorites:

    <font color="blue">DO</font> let me flush the toilets and turn on the taps. Scenery, in any game of any genre, shouldn?t be painted on the walls. And so many games before have put in a nice toilet flushing noise. Since all games do insist in including a toilet, as well they should, then all games should include the splishy sploshy noise of flushing it.quote]

    <font color="red">DON'T</font> leave diary entries by one person scattered over miles of corridors, buildings and countries. That?s not how a diary works. A diary tends to be all in one place. Most people, when journaling their lives, don?t tend to scribble it out on the nearest scrap of paper and then leave it wherever they wrote it. Because that would be utterly insane.edited><editid>The Bespectacled One</editid><editdate>2011-12-30 04:30:51</editdate></edited>

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  • This is just great, and the comments are worth reading as well!

    (that said, I am now going to edit a thing or two in my story...)

  • They sure are. I'm glad they helped make your game a better one!

  • Great list! While I definitely spent a fair amount of time ranting about similar things, there's a couple on there I never really thought about. I'll definitely keep them in mind. Thanks for posting. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Good post, thanks :)

    Most of the theory i already got from other sources here and there but cool nontheless :)

  • Great post, thanks for sharing

  • Very controversial, I reckon. There are good points and there are some that really just come down to personal preference. It also seems to target AAA games in general - a lot of the points in regards to irritation aren't common with indie games.

  • OR:

    If you just paint toilets on the wall just add an "out of order" sign so you dont have to create interaction...

  • Rule #345 - don't forget to put crates and barrels everywhere. They are great for holding power-ups, providing protection from enemies, and offer spectacular explosions when punctured.

  • Good Post, tnx for sharing that with others!

  • Cool,, thanks for sharing.

  • Read this a while back.. my favorite is:

    "DO let me carry more than two guns" haha I think without more than 2 guns games just get so boring.. I believe borderlands series did well though as they actually eventually allowed you to have multiple guns..

  • haha excellent post :)

  • So much nice and good information. Thanks my friend for sharing such a gem.

  • This is excellent and so many points hit right on the nose!

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