The Do's & Do Not's of Game Design

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  • posting on "diary all over the place"

    You "can" do it, and there plenty of games were it does work, but when it is in play, It a wise idea were you don't need all of them

    oh, also, steampunk Noob, at your service

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  • "I want to stick a rocket launcher in my magic trousers!"

    Bwahahahahahahaaaa!!! XD

  • DO let me flush the toilets and turn on the taps. Scenery, in any game of any genre, shouldn’t be painted on the walls. And so many games before have put in a nice toilet flushing noise. Since all games do insist in including a toilet, as well they should, then all games should include the splishy sploshy noise of flushing it.

    Juice it up!

    Some examples such as the flying baddie one are definitely uncalled for, but all in all it was a very solid article.

  • This might be the greatest and best thing I've ever read... ever.

  • Thank you. I learned a lot.

  • Very useful


  • great article good job

  • Some of the stuff was sorta funny

  • Great article. Thanks for pinning it.

  • This is hilarious! The writer must have had quite a kick writing this. My favorite:

    "DO let me have as many save slots as I want. Because you’re on PC! You’re free! The most a save is likely to take up is about 10MB. My hard drive is, like, lots more megabytes than that! Millions of them! There is no reason in the whole wide universe why you need to restrict me to eight. I might want to keep my earlier saves without having to hand copy them from which ever stupid folder you’ve secreted them into that you won’t tell me anyway. Is it because you hate gamers? You work so hard, for so many months, and by the time your game is done you just feel nothing but contempt for your potential customers? “How many saves shall we allow in the PC version? We’ve got room for infinity of them.” “THREE. And store them in the Recycle Bin.”"

    I think this is why we must continue playing games even when we are developing: To remember the nuances of what annoys us that games sometimes do.

  • Interesting post, enjoyed reading it

  • Great post, and thanks for sharing!

  • Do not read game design articles.

  • Do not read game design articles.

    Why not?

  • IMHO, the stuff in this articles does not translate to reality.

    Is it possible to write a wonderful piece of music after reading a musical theory book or beats production tutorial? No - if a person does not have talent, but if you have a talent you'll be doing it just right without any books and articles.

    The only rule of thumb is keep practicing. Carefully observing/studying features from other good games by playing them also helps a lot.

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