Is construct right for my game?

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  • So I'm making a 2d 4 person party fighting game with relatively low res sprites, and around 60-70 animations per character.

    An example of the artis's work is below :

    I plan on publishing for xbox, mobile devices, and maybe put up on steam, and have networking capabilities.

    Based off of these ideas, would the engine be able to hand my requests without too much frame drop from mobile devices/xbox?

    Thanks!   <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Construct 2 does not export to xbox.

    Otherwise, any 2D game can be made.

  • oh really? There's no plugin or mod or anything to do so? What all platforms does it export to?

  • Don't plan on export to mobile devices. The export is very rudimentary at the moment, and has performance which will probably disappoint. Networking activities should be OK, and steam should be fine, but you won't be able to use their API, as far as I know.

    Basically, your game will work on windows desktop, maybe mac desktop (not sure what Awesomium has planned here), and in the browser.

  • There's always the Xbox browser:

    Plus a lot of mobile's browsers work very well.

    I would point out multiplayer is pretty much out of the question at the moment though.

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  • oh man so it looks like i started with the wrong platform :/ I have been searching for weeks and can't find a piece of software that fits my needs!anyone have any suggestions? I would like to do at least a little bit of coding (but not too much) I loved how easy construct 2 is, but it looks like if I want to get multiple platforms out of it, i can't go with it. Either way thanks, and any other suggestions are appreciated!

  • An example of the artis's work is below :

    Awesome sprites and animations :)

  • bscarl88 if Xbox is your main target platform, XNA would surely be worth a look (even though it takes a lot more effort to get up and running than Construct2)

  • > An example of the artis's work is below :


    Awesome sprites and animations :)

    I know right?! I was very excited to find this guy.

    XNA is definitely a choice, but I would also like to create a the game for mobile platforms also. I was thinking Unity because it's much easier to use than strictly scripting like XNA, but the Unity XBOX dev kit is 1,500, which I could definitely save up for, but its still a hefty price. Not to mention that the android an iPhone dev kits are also expensive + licenses. Any other suggestions on multi platform, relatively easy to use 2D endinges?

    Thank you all so much for your help btw!    <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • It's a good bet Xbox 720 will have very strong support for HTML5 (based off MS's direction with Windows 8). I realize Xbox 720 isn't scheduled for release until sometime in 2014, but if your game works perfectly with HTML5 it should be very simple to move it to Xbox 720 (heck C2 will probably have an exporter by then). Otherwise, I think you're stuck with using XNA or paying for Unity if Xbox 360 is your primary target.

  • A game for both Android, iOS, and xbox seems to be a little broad for me. It will be very difficult getting it working well on all platforms.

  • Unity is definitely the best bet. If you can't afford a Unity license, then I'd focus on a single platform first (PC) and use Unity free. Then when your game blows up, you get lots of interest and people chuck money at you - then think about upgrading and porting.

  • I wouldn't even bother with xbox indie anymore, they've covered that section up with ads, so it will be even harder to get noticed.

  • Well i think I'll at least do a prototype in Construct 2, and see how well it works! Now I just have to find a sprite animation editor to practice, and some tutorials for sprites. Plenty of that around on them internets!

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