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  • I am looking for some opinions on what the best keyboard only controls are for a platformer with 3 buttons. I prefer WASD over the arrow keys for movement but a lot of people seem to disagree especially if I am going for more of a simple and very accessible game (ideally the controls would work best with a controller but trying to give the keyboard only option in the best way I can). Space bar feels like the obvious choice for jump but I would like to add an attack and special ability buttons as well.

    Right now the best I can come up with is using Z,X and C with the arrow keys and J,K and L with WASD control scheme. Any other suggestions?

  • I think WASD for movement and QE for attacks and special abilities, spacebar for jumping might not be needed if you don't use W for anything else

  • If you are using Z or Y, I recommend you to use the other one (Y or Z) for the same thing, too. Some keyboards have Y and Z switched (QWERTZ; YXCV and QWERTY; ZXCV)

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  • I know people's hands/fingers are different. For me when I just let my left hand naturally rest on a keyboard, my fingers rest on A, W,E, F and Space. Depending how your game is, I'd prefer arrows for movement. So my point is that if your game is very intense on buttons, try to find something that is ergonomic. It would be nice for a change. Often I need to turn my hand uncomfortably to play.

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