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  • Some of you may know I have been working on a new tank battle game, similar to the old "Scorched Earth", or newer "Pocket Tanks" games. I have been working very hard and very closely with some of the Scirra board members to make this game work.

    The reason I am posting here now, is to give anyone else a chance to join in the project through a very special means...


    Show your coolest (perferably non-cpu aggressive) special effects. Any entrants once approved will have thier special effect added to a weapon in the game, and if possible (some usernames just won't work unfortunately) the weapon can even be named after you!

    For anyone who doesn't know what TONKS is about... here are a couple of screenshots and some bullet points of features the game will, or already has included.

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    • Fully random terrain generation
    • Fully destructible terrain with collapsing ground
    • 1 on 1 battle
    • AI battle
    • Online/LAN battle with leaderboard
    • Weapon shop
    • Physics behaviour for tonks (now including physics treads!) and projectiles
    • High resolution graphics

    Any contributions are expected to contain a CAP file for porting into the game. Not only will you get your effects/weapon idea included, plus have the weapon named after you... you will also get a mention in the credits as part of the development team!

    Special effects! gogogogogogogo!



    Citnarf - Flamethrower type effect - DOWNLOAD AND SEE

    Mipey - CareBeam - DOWNLOAD AND SEE

    Quazi - QuaziBlobber - DOWNLOAD AND SEE

    Newt - AcidSpitter - DOWNLOAD AND SEE

    Newt - Magic Missiles - DOWNLOAD AND SEE

    Sagal - Fire/FlameEffect - DOWNLOAD AND SEE

    Davioware - SupportFlare - DOWNLOAD AND SEE

    Myself - ExplosionType1 - DOWNLOAD AND SEE

    l33twash0r - SmileyAirstrike(aka 4chanBomb) - DOWNLOAD AND SEE



    14th May 2009

    • Some graphic improvements to the ground, sky, and texture seams in general.
    • Also added a sun and increased the play areas height.

    23rd April 2009

    Very early build, test driving and weapon selection.


    • Playable area now more than double the size!
    • Player 2 is now drivable
    • Several physics tweaks and minor bug fixes
    • Smoother camera controls and camera partially automated

    ---> After freescrolling, camera now returns to selected player

    • Minor graphics changes/improvments
    • New "power meter" widget
    • Physics now more stable during low FPS on older machines

    Debug keys and Controls:

    -"1" Force camera to player 1

    -"2" Force camera to player 2

    -"D" Toggle debug info

    -"Right Mouse and drag" to free scroll

    -"LeftMouse Click" on player for menu

    • "Left and Right Arrows" drive the tonk around
    • "Up and Down Arrows" adjust power settings (will only function if player menu is open)
    • "Spacebar (hold)" Aims turret at current mouse position (only for player 1 at the moment)

    -"ENTER" to shoot (will only function if weapon is selected)

    • "R" to repair your treads if they smash

    Known Issues:

    -Ground gets "spikes" in it from weapon detonation. I can already solve this, just haven't done it yet.

    -PlasmaGrenade bounces off of player platforms. Can fix, just haven't yet.

    • Auto Flip is currently disabled as the current method is not suitable.



  • ha, this sounds awesome xD

    im guessing ill have to use my blob effect.

    QuaziBlober lol

  • ha, this sounds awesome xD

    im guessing ill have to use my blob effect.

    QuaziBlober lol

    Hehehe if you didn't then I was gong to do it on your behalf!


  • Cant wait to play this on lans lol

  • here ive made a rough lil QuaziBlober

  • This is looking awesome!!

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  • Looks sweet. I see you've found a way to properly texture the ground. Just a guess, but I assume the ground has a mask effect, and there's a texture on the layer underneath?

  • Mipey - CareBeam - DOWNLOAD AND SEE

    Remember that it is highly customizable - with only two events you can do something like this:

    (Theoretically you could do with one event alone, but that'd be some maths)

  • Wow guys there are some really cool sumbissions so far! Keep 'em coming if you think of something cool

    I have some ideas to implement some of these weapons... more like, deployment methods. This should be a lot of fun once I start adding the waepons system properly.

    Looks sweet. I see you've found a way to properly texture the ground. Just a guess, but I assume the ground has a mask effect, and there's a texture on the layer underneath?

    Yep, though before that I used another method all together with no mask, but the ground gave the impression of "compacting" rather than being destroyed. The current method still isn't perfect as it doesn't preserve te texture of the falling dirt, but you can't have everything. I'm pretty hapy with it now, and any more changes (if any) will come MUCH later. It works, and it's great as far as I'm concerned.


  • Working on a Power/Charge Gun..

  • Was going to suggest my bolt gun, but it would be hard to implement.

    So here's Acid Spitter instead.

  • Geuss im gonna have to make one! this looks like fun


    This is my submission it's pretty standard explosive/fire type effect. It's done with 2 Particles other is the fire itself and is simple particle with soften and other is magnifying particle that adds a lot to the effect. I didn't manage to get any slowdowns when trying this out.

  • Here's a support flare i made for marking the drop zone (X position of the flare, while it's lit) for the artillery /airstrike(s) and off map support weapons in the game (which i'm assuming there will be...). It uses PS 0.0 and doesn't cause any slowdown whatsoever. It also supports adjustable team colors. If there aren't plans for off map support weapons then just toss me the cap (assuming it's ok with you) and i'll see what i can do. I love worms/pocket tanks type games ... f6e8ebb871

  • WOW! Impressive

    These effects are looking really cool

    Davio, yes there are plans for off-screen support weapons, like artillery, airstrikes, ICBM, and some other stuff. This will be a perfect little addition to such weapons! (PS. It needs a little parachute lol xD)


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