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  • Also, I have an announcement:

    TONKS now works again properly after installing the latest Construct version, and making some small changes to the cap.

    Work can now resume on the project. YAY!

    Damn, it's about time

  • Looks great SoldjahBoy!

  • Oh I forgot to give props to Mipey and Deadeye as well!

    All those guys all helped too... I think this project so far has been the bane of everyone in chat haha. I'll make it up to you guys somehow I promise!


  • I just downloaded this and it has so much potential. The terrain effects are pretty damn awesome too.

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  • Thanks Shady.

    Iv'e been hanging out to get back into this... just have to get a website out of the way for a client then I can get stuck back into it.

    I need to come up with a nice weapons inventory system... the one I started looks like poo and it's hard to add stuff into it. I'll need to have a good think about how I can make the weapons more "modular" so they are easily added in by creating a sprite and giving it some behaviour... I think I tired that already and ran into some problems along the way but I should be able to figure something out.

    At least the physics bugs that were stopping me from effectively doing any more on the project have been rectified and I can now continue


  • So how is Tonks coming along?

  • It's not at the moment.

    It has been suspended for now, probably until Construct 2 is available for public release.

    I will use all of the code and ideas though for any future development, but there are some things that will be available in C2 that simply aren't going to make it into C1 which I would like to implement into the game.

    Workarounds are sloppy and annoying... so it's better to just wait at this stage I think.

    Currently working on a simpler idea for a more basic game which in theory should be much easier to work on.


  • pfff stop being lazy man! That's my forte! Get that game done already!

  • Due to increasing demand for the source code for TONKS, I give you.... the source code and all contents therein... including but not limited to everything used in the making and planning of TONKS up until it's inevitable postponal.


    Keep in mind this is for Construct 1 only, though the ideas and methods can still be used in Construct 2.


  • Many thanks for sharing, Sol.


  • I have zero problem in sharing anything I have worked on, as more often than not it was a community based effort. There are so many people to thank, who helped me to create a lot of this content. Without them it would have been (probably) impossible, so it's only fair that others can also learn from their input, as well as my own.

    I'm sure I have not asked the last of my questions either... the wheels turn slowly here :)


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