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  • Demonstrates the capabilites of construct.

    Randomly Generated terrain thats really impressive.

  • Demonstrates the capabilites of construct.

    Randomly Generated terrain thats really impressive.

    Cheers for the comments

    Mipey had a lot to do with the terrain generation, I can't take all the credit. I sort of combined his idea and my idea and it became a hybrid frankenstein terrain maker

    Anway, keep those sumbissions coming guys! I hope to make it to the 100 weapons mark at LEAST! So far we have like 4 or 5 weapons and a couple of effects. Need to make a lot more


  • Anway, keep those sumbissions coming guys! I hope to make it to the 100 weapons mark at LEAST!


  • lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 100? thats friggin awesome. ill work on a few more . can it be a missile?

  • Maybe it's a typo! He could mean 10... or 1000 ;p

  • Yes 100... at LEAST.

    Come on, Pocket Tanks has 280 weapons... I'm hoping to dwarf that eventaully with 500 weapons.

    Yes Quazi, make a missile

    I need to make some basic "unlimited ammo" projectile you can shoot if you have nothing else left. The "pistol" of the game... was thinking a standard cruise missile or something would do nicely

    P.S. Will be uploading an EXE soon so people can check it out... or join chat and get the CAP file as its updated!


  • Double post FTW.

    Public Download now available from first post.

    Also, will start adding all weapon submissions soon. We should have a few in there by the end of the weekend with some luck providing I can fix the tread-breaking problem.


  • Treads look awesome When they're on they work really well... too bad they're so fragile. I was thinking maybe you could just use a regular sprite for the treads to fake it, and just drive on the actual wheels... but it seems the wheels by themselves don't drive too well on that terrain. Perhaps some tweaking could be done, like a small invisible series of wheels instead of just two? It could work.

    Also, I figured out how to arm the grenade from the menu, but I can't find the controls to shoot... ? Halp!

    Looking really ace though, man... keep it up

    Come on, Pocket Tanks has 280 weapons...

    280?!? Jeezus Christ! Does anyone remember that QBasic game "Gorillas?" It was a tanks style game and it had only one weapon... a banana. And that was all the weapon you needed, dammit!

  • I counter with Magic Missiles!

  • (edit)

    ...suddenly the tank treads work just fine.

    Could you please post the controls?

    It might just be that my computer doesn't work well (WinXP), but when you move around for more than a few seconds the tank's treads become detached and you can only move a short distance.

    I can't figure out how to shoot, either...

  • This gets better every time I try it.

  • posting from phone so forgive bad punctuation.

    Enter to shoot. Must press 1 after you shoot to focus camera back on player 1. I think i did mention this in the notes above the download link on the first post.

    Treads seem to behave badly if low frame rate. Have made a fix now for treads falling off... Will be in next build.

    Glad you all like it so far more to come soon!


  • Made airstrike smiley lol.

  • Actually it might be kind of cool if the treads can break off if you take heavy damage. You know, limiting your mobility and all.

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  • deadeye

    Treads are wokring nicer now

    And no, I can't say I've heard of gorillaz :/


    Your cap appears not to open, it complains about a missing file.


    LOL! 4chan strike xD

    There is now a tread repair feature, works a treat. Treads (due a bug) are prone to falling off after a sudden impact (or bad framerate). You can press "R" to repair the treads. The tonk now auto flips if upside down.

    Will upload new build soon So you can test out some more driving and see whether the tread fixer works for people who are having trouble. I will (at some point) try to fix the low FpS reason for the treads derailing... I assume I can do something with TimeDelta to fix the problem.

    Great submissions guys, will add to list soon!


    Updated Build and Submissions


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