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  • Hello forums, after a little more then a week im releasing my first game GASMAN FF.

    It will be on impulse and steam for 3 dollars probably.

    right now i can only show some pictures, but after a few days ill upload a gameplay video and a trailer on youtube.

    i hope my game is the first commercial game released on both publishers made with construct, and only by one man, me.

    i would like to give the game, when its done for free to a couple of users to try it, as well as reviewers and the scirra team.

    so what is the game exactly.

    its set in ....where penguins live, as our mighty hero travels through time and dimensions he invades where penguins live.

    Our hero is only armed with a gas revolver and the magical shield powerups he finds along the way and must conquer 6 leves (or more) filled with ghost penguins, poison ghost penguins, demon penguins and exploding snails. but will he succeed or fall in the hands of the GOD PENGUIN.

    This is the game to keep the platform genre alive, to jump the indie level in one jump and to have better textures then mario bros 3 on wii.

    Our hero is only armed with a gas revolver and the magical shield powerups he finds along the way.

  • i got a facebook page up and a new screenshot for the shield powerup (:

  • first gameplay videos are out, thank you for all the comments ... 05?sk=wall

  • Is it a one-hit kill game (for the player)?

    Looks like it could be fun. The artwork is nice and I like the distortion effect that you used.

  • hey my first comment, wow i though everyone hates me or something, thanks.

    here is a clean youtube video ->

    well its not one hit kill, only the spikes, mines and exploding cubes, you have a heart gauge on the left, and a revolver gauge on the right.

    ill get you a copy after a week or two if you like when i release it

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  • using a gun to take on the evil penguin empire?

    Looks cool. Hope it can get some music and SFX when it's released.

  • guns are too boring, a gas pistol on the other hand has that area damage and..i dont know its the first game where you get to fire a gas pistol so its fun for me.

    first the idea was for gasman to travel back in time constantly but i dont know how he ended up fighting against ghost penguins and demon penguins.

    and yeah music is fx is what i gotta work on now, its gonna take a day at least but im gonna do something allright on fl studio

  • ill get you a copy after a week or two if you like when i release it

    Cool. Looks like it should be a good challenge.

  • Hey chap, it is all looking good. Very interesting concept

    I don't want to overshadow your game itself, but was wondering if you could perhaps tell me a little more about the process you went though to get onto steam?

  • Love the graphics man!

  • note a problem, actualy steam dosn't know about it. steam wants an almost finished game to look to. and i got another week until i finished it. it seems they opened their market to the indie scene, they have a indie section, with some games, so nice for us. their publishing is called steamworks and they have a .doc which you download and fill and send to their email.

    they want a gameplay video link, a game link, links to reviews if you have some and information.

    chances are with my finished game i should have no problem.

    but you know you gotta stay positive, because the whole world will try to ignore you and keep you down.

    marketing is a big part, you gotta send the game to indie review sites, facebook, youtube, and all that.

  • gasman has sounds now and only one week till launch

  • Graphics are very pretty. Sounds are good, but are you planning to add music as well?

  • thanks for commenting man (: yea i gotta work on the music tommorow and i dont have a clue.

    all i know is i have fl studio 9 and i dont have a clue...

    i got shivers, i just sended my application to steam with only the test level, without title screen even, i hope they too like the graphics, i think its great for 3 dollars and even competes with most the indie games they have on the store, but seeing all the premium big company titles there im getting shivers, i cant handle rejection...

    the sounds were made by a WONDERFULL TOOL called SFXR, its free google it. its going to make your fx making so much easier, thank god for that.

    let me help you if you like some of the mechanics in my game, ill tell you how the events work.

  • Are you thinking chiptune soundrack? I can probably recommend some free VSTs for FL Studio.

    I just discovered SFXR the other day. It's pretty awesome!

    for a start:

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