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  • sadly all levels are the same size, it does get super hard though, but with little patience and trial and error you will always win eventually.

    levels are too short for checkpoints anyways and my inspiration for this game was running out so as my first game im kinda "Excusing my self"

    a timed mode would be cool, especialy "Beat all the levels without dieng once" but thats probably impossible.

    anyway gasman needs a brake while i make a political rts like knights of honor

    i wont have excuses for my second game this time

  • As I said, the game looks nice with good graphics and the gameplay looks fun. But I can't download it with the link you sent me... Can you upload it on mediafire or megaupload please ?

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  • i took care of everything. here is the final trailer ^^

  • That's a pretty legit-lookin' game you have there. Nice!

  • i took care of everything. here is the final trailer ^^

    That looks really impressive! I like the bullet counter

  • thank you, that was bloaty to make but it worked out great.

    its a series of sprite animation, each bullet loading is actualy a 3 sprite animation.

  • I can tell you put alot of love into this,

    great job

  • thank you lucid, im pretty bipolar so i love compliments.

    im very happy that there is an instrument with a nice event system that can be used like a programming language to make whatever your mind thinks of, without writing 3 pages of code for a simple movement.

    and this is only the begginning, i will do alot more, i just hope an exe compiler gets released soon, or is the iphone compiler easy? can i taste it on my ipod?

    and yea im pretty ashamed of owning an ipod

  • Video looks great, can't wait to play it

  • Yeah, looks like a good game! Only thing that bothers me though is that the trailer only shows one type of environment. Could be a bit repetative if it looks the same through the whole game.

  • yes, originaly i planed to have deserts, china and traveling back in time, but when i wanted to finish it on 15 march i had no choice.

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