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  • thanks what vsts should i get? im really new at fl studio and i feel really bad when i have to make a music in two days.

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  • You ninja'd my edit! There's a link in my above post now.

    basic 64 is very good.

    Elektrostudio has a couple of really good lo-fi drum machines

    a word of warning. It could be VERY EASY to lose 2 days just playing with VSTs

  • thanks, i hope that will do the trick, the default sounds on fl are just..too little too default

    i was gonna look for soundfonts but vst should be better.

    oh and i forgot to put ice brake sounds...damn...i forgot the best sound

  • Good luck! Work Hard!

    I'll be around for a bit if you have questions

  • Hum.. I think you are putting your expectations way too high.

    I can tell you from personal experience this isn't going to steam or impulse. I even doubt you'll sell more than 5 units, if any.

    I don't want to shatter your hopes like this but you have to be realistic or you'll be jumping from disappointment to disappointment.

    My recommendation is that you put this and your next games out as freeware until your name is out there and your games mildly known, and only then work your ass off in a commercial game.

    Good luck !

  • oh i can use that. do you know something about transitions.

    how to make the layout reload from the start when the player dies?

  • thanks, you can get a free copy if you like.

    yea i tried that but my game seems to want to freeze, ill probably fix it, atleast i got the hang on it

  • Thanks! I'd like that!

    Yeah, there was some discussion of freezing, but I thought that was fixed. If you make another layout and load that at death does it still freeze?

  • ill try probably not. and thats a great idea for a faded layout, thanks

  • my game is finnally ready, would someone wish to try it?

  • my game is finnally ready, would someone wish to try it?

    Sure, pm me where I could dl it and details. Would you still want bugs report?(if I find any)

  • I've come to the conclusion that I'm not very good at GASMAN...

    The game controls very well and some of the effects (like the reflective ice) are particularly nice. It's not unfairly difficult by any means, it just a bit of a "trial and error" game.

    Well great work, Karshinkoff! (and thank you for not having a feature that reminds you how many times you have died so far )

  • thank you for the feedback, means a lot you know how to shoot and use the shield right?

    i guess its easier for me because i created everything and tested it countless times.

    but there are alot of random factors, the game gets kinda better on later stages, it will be shown on the trailer

  • Okay... patience is key.

    I was rushing through levels and I would end up dying at the same spots, but once I started to think things out more I did a lot better. I like how the levels are fairly short (so far, at least). Do the later levels have checkpoints or do you have to beat them without dying?

    Maybe if the more-skilled players want an extra challenge there could be a timed mode?

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