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  • Greetings

    As some of you may already know, I am starting work on my (to be) first properly released project using Construct. Allow me to give you a small background summary about what I am doing and have done in the past:

    1. Started using KnP on my 486DX66... that's where it all started. I have grown through KnP through TGF, and went staright into MMF2 (which as most of you know can be a little very daunting because of the sheer increase in power).

    2. I have made over 30 mini games ranging from screen test ideas to proper 2 player (on a single keyboard) games... even made an overhead shooter called "Bill Gates Must Die" in the old "Smash TV" esque style with Billy Boy at the end looking much the same as "MutoMan".

    3. I have a fairly extensive graphics library from my previous games (though scattered among many backup DVDs I'm sure I can find them ) which are easily reusable in future projects.

    4. Some examples of my artwork in general can be seen in this thread here:


    Now to get to the point:

    The project I am currently seeking to undertake is based on previous mini games I have made in the past. The original game, CarKill, was a two player single screen game made in KnP where two cars battle it out (overhead view) with various car mounted guns in a carmageddon style bloodbath. Little men would run around the screen and killing them resulted in bonus points etc. CarKill had two sequels, CarKill 2, and CarKill 2005... both made with TGF but unfortuneatly CK05 never got finished. The games were much the same as the first but with VAST graphics improvments and extra gameplay mechanics.

    Unfortunately no screenshots are avaialble at this time... I have to do some digging around to make some up from the old files.

    Anyway, I want to make the next CarKill... "CarKill Aftermath"

    Here is a breif overview of some features I would like to include:

    1. Multiplayer over MooSock or MOO2 for up to say 6-8 players LAN play or private VPN through Hamachi... having a dedicated server not required though it would be fun to try out later.

    2. Custom driving engine based off Tigerworks car engine with momentum, though modified to an extent.

    3. Large (12,000x12,000) scrolling city map where players will deathmatch.

    4. Money system from earning kills and running down pedestrians. Money will allow players to upgrade and buy better weapons so next time they log in their cars are just that little bit better. There will also be a stats system (mainly for laughs) such as total career earnings, amount of people run over, career kills, etc.

    5. Day and Night cycle. Dynamic (reduex overlay) headlamps on cars for night cycle.

    6. Drive with keyboard, aim and shoot with mouse... roof mounted turret and front mounted (non aimable) guns. A range of weapon upgrades including tire shredders, spiked bull-bars, performance upgrades, armour, etc.

    7. Ranking or trophy system (similar to those found in popular games like Battlefield 2) for completing various "tasks" while playing... adding a secondary acheivement system for better replay value.

    8. Advanced particle system for sparks when trading paint with cars and obsticles, including fire and smoke as well as laying rubber with the "burnout" button.

    9. Choose from multiple car types so you look the way you want to look.

    The game will be based around the "post apocalypse" genre, similar to that of the Mad Max movies, but still retaining the cars from today (just more beatup and common)... theres nothing better than driving a rusty ghetto-looking Ferrari F40 now is there?

    I already have a lot of car graphics drawn (about 30 cars in total now) from an overhead view, as well as props like street tiles, manhole covers, gutters, dirt and dead grass, junk and burnt cars... need to make some deralict buildings and some other stuff, but placeholder graphics will be fine until later.

    Anyone wishing to know more, or lend a hand in any way are more than welcome... I can do the graphics no problem and a large amount of the "coding" but I am freaking terrible at mathmatic formulae which many of you guys seems rather comfortable with... I feel stupid in all honesty when I post here because I struggle so badly with basic crap. I'm 29 years old and I can't figure out basic trig....

    Hit me up with feedback and any ideas if you are keen... more than happy to do a proper joint effort, and give proper credit to anyone who even makes the smallest contributions. I plan on documenting the game on YouTube along with several other popluar videos I have made in order to boost exposure on the project. Check me out on YouTube... same name, spelled the same way



    Here is a preview of my working title screen:

    <img src="">

  • [quote:38fp2fkw]Custom driving engine based off Tigerworks car engine with momentum, though modified to an extent.

    Heh... you do realise I'm the guy formerly known as Tigerworks, right?

  • [quote:2lzxg9k2]Heh... you do realise I'm the guy formerly known as Tigerworks, right?


    a lot of text

    This game is going to be absolutely great! I'm really looking forward to play it, even if it might take a while for you to complete it. I would gladly help you out, but i'm not really the advanced-math guy either... If there is anything else i can do i would love to! Maybe i could help with the soundtrack!

  • this wouldnt be a take on something like carmageddon would it? i hope the in game graphics will be as good as that title screen. although i dont like the way "CARKILL" looks. it just doesnt really fit.

  • Ashley

    Yes I realise you are the Tigerworks dude.... this was copypasta from TDC and some of the text is redundant since Construct has a driving engine already. It was just faster than typing it out again lol.


    Glad you like the idea... this, technically, will be carkill 4. Music is always good by the way... needs to be something suited to cars battling in a post apocalyptic future... whatever that's supposed to sound like?


    Not really, it started off as a really old idea where cars just battle... it's not a race at all, but squishing people isn't exactly original I know. Graphics will be at least "on par" with title screen as everything is going to be photographed/editied and even motion captured (people). I wasn't really happy with the font either but I was at work while I was putting it together and it was just one of the fonts we had there already... I think I'll change it at some stage.

    Glad you guys like it none-the-less!

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  • Here is the updated title screen with the new font and menu items, as well as the options screen and help/instructions screen (minus text).

    Let me know what you think!


    <img src="">


    <img src="">


    <img src="">

  • the seemingly naked chick seems out of place. also it looks horribly photoshopped in. but the title screen is the sh*t!

  • the seemingly naked chick seems out of place. also it looks horribly photoshopped in. but the title screen is the sh*t!

    Yeah she's my "game host"... I am yet to integrate her properly into the image so shes more seamless... the background is likely to change for the options and help screens as well... just trying to get a feel for how it's supposed to look. Ignore the chopped edges for now and imagine she's less "stuck on" looking for the time being.

  • Why is there a hot girl in stead of a hot car? What is her part of the game? I hate angry feminist people, but this is very objectifying, and it's really unmotivated. Usually there is at least a girl posing by a car, but there isn't even a car in those pictures.

  • Attan, two words for you. Ridge Racer.

  • Come on Attan. Hot girls and racing, how can you not know that belongs together.

    For me there's no reason to have a car on every screen. And if that girl is the host, as SoldjahBoy said, there's even a reason for her to appear there. Also I wouldn't really need one for some hot... you get the idea I guess.

  • Well.. she could at least put a miniskirt on

  • What's most "curious" to me, is that he seems to have just taken those images off a porn site lol. The girl I mean, the other stuff is from stock photos.

  • Well.. she could at least put a miniskirt on

    She's got shorts on :O

    They're just.... REALLY short XD

    Her current state can be classified as "placeholder" as there are modifications I need to make to her before she is really suitable for the game... and yes, as PixelThief said, she's the host of the game... In the long run I was planning on getting a model/actor to take some photos and do some voice acting, but I will see how this turns out before diving too far into the ol' wallet.

    I have also been working on a "mock" screenshot to show how I plan on making the game look "in action". Hopefully I'll get time to finish this off today and post it up so you can see what I'm up to and possibly provide some feedback.

    Cheers guys!


  • What's most "curious" to me, is that he seems to have just taken those images off a porn site lol. The girl I mean, the other stuff is from stock photos.

    I've never had so much fun surfing for porn in my life... you are right, but I was looking for something fairly specific and it wasn't easy to find :O

    As I said though, she's currently in a "placeholder" state... expect changes to an extent for the time being.

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