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  • The water in the mockup looks like it's rising above ground level.

  • Working on getting a decent general layout together in Photoshop with just solid blocks of color. When I get something I'm pleased with I'll post it up here for comment, even though it won't be much to look at

    Any general idea of where you'd want the interface to go visually, when it gets to that point? Since it seems like the game is dealing with nice cars I'd assume you don't want the interface to look too much like a junk heap

  • That looks really cool man. Yeah its more deathmatch than my project but i'm really loving it.

    The woman does give it a more professional feel I think, obviously its a slightly touchy matter and im sure your concidering the use of it carefully etc.

    Nice one mate, looks great!

  • Davion

    Well, acctually the cars are going to start off more junk-heap, and as you earn money you will be able to upgrade your car cosmetically... so junk heap GUI will be cool... the city will look more junkheap than the current mock-shot anyway as it will be littered with junked cars, piles of rubble, blast craters, and collapsed infrastructure.


    Cheers mate, glad you like it. This game is more deathmatch but with a touch of MMO in the way you will earn career money, and be able to spend it making your car better... though mostly the game will be skill based combat so even a plebby car can still beat a fully fixed up one.

  • New Graphics update...

    So I decided to redo the "host" with the beloved Bianca Beauchamp, who you may have seen digitised in games such as "Bloodrayne" and "Sin Episodes"... she has unknowingly volunteered at this stage to star in CarKill Apocalypse as my host character... I have several photo-shoots of Bianca in the perfect attire for such activities. I hope you approve of the new screens as I would like to get on with other more important (though less interesting) graphical parts of the game.

    New Title:

    <img src="">

    New Optons:

    <img src="">

    New Help:

    <img src="">

  • Breasts ... err I mean, better!

  • Breasts ... err I mean, better!

    Yeah she's got kinda big honkers, but she's wearing more clothes and is better looking than the other girl I had there... thumbs up so far... that's good because I have a 120 photo set of Bianca with the yellow viper. It should make the various scenes where she will show up a lot more uniform than trying to chop a background out and photoshop in extra clothing/items/etc.

  • Who is that and how can I get a date with her

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  • Who is that and how can I get a date with her

    LOL that is Bianca Beauchamp... and if you find out how, tell me an we will both know

  • Who is that and how can I get a date with her

    have you tried asking? courage is always an attractive quality

    nice menus btw SoldjahBoy!

  • hahah don't worry, I already have a girlfriend

  • LOL guys, I know it's a picture of a girl, on the internet of all places!

    I wouldn't normally go as far as photoshoots for a game I was making, I'm too lazy to do my own graphics, sound etc, so kudos for the effort

  • Careful with the credit there Ashley! All he did was surf for porn and found something that fits his game XD

    Can't blame him though

    I guess my real question, is why try to finnish the title screen before the game itself

  • Because porn and copyright theft is so exciting.

  • Well I did in fact pay for the photoshoot rights, so I can use the pictures anyway I like...


    I'm working on lots of graphics at once, but I like to do things "in order" which is kind of weird I know, but it seems to help keep me focused and stops me from getting overwhelmed/confused about what I need to really get done next... I guess having nice menu's and GUI helps put me in the mood as well and always gives me something nice to look at and think "This is gonna be awesome when it's done!"


    LOL... yes, yes it is... but I acctually paid for these

    I've got like 100+ more of this same photoshoot... so it should be good

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