Bugs (Engine Demo 2 - 8/31/09)

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  • Bugs

    (tentative title)

    <img src="http://louisferina.com/zenphoto/themes/lsf_home/images/blog/ba03.jpg">





    This is a small portion of the game and it's more of an engine test than a demo.

    Please let me know of any bugs or glitches that you come across and any feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!


    d: move right

    a: move left

    space: jump

    ctrl: roll

    mouse: aim

    left mouse: shoot

    middle mouse: throw grenade

    right mouse: melee

    Throwing grenades and the melee both take into account your angle to the cursor. If you melee either the fly or exploder with the cursor over your head, theyll get hit straight up.


    o: fly

    p: exploder

  • Wow, this is looking really nice. Good job so far.

    And since it's so polished looking already I'm obliged to nitpick (sorry... nitpicking is really all you can do when a WIP looks this nice ).

    Seems like the character needs a "walking backwards" animation. Then again, I'm sure you've got something planned.

    Anyway, keep up the good work

  • I liked the gameplay video!

    The mechanics are already known (I'm prototyping a game like that myself ), but I liked the character animation and effects!

    Also, those bugs look deadly!

  • This looks great! animation looks smooth and I can envision it being like a Metal Slug style game.

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  • Looking cool Lou! look forward to seeing more.

  • Whoa man, it looks sexy as always. I really should look into learning some kind of proper 3D package... it would make my life so much easier in the long run.


  • Thanks for all of the replies. It's been awhile since I posted anything but I have been working hard on this game. I put up a new video on my website showing one of the enemies in the game. Here's the quickie link:


    Theres a "walking backwards" animation in there just for you deadeye.

  • Sweet. The game has a nice polish to it so far, looking forward to see more of it. The part at the end where he hits the exploding gasbag enemy is straight out of Gears of War 2.

  • I've updated the first post with a new engine demo. Check it out for the download link and info.

  • WOW cool somehow reminds me of starship trooper

  • Very nice graphics. Nice animations.

    But less smoke on the gun.

    I like it

  • Nice job .

    The shooting seems very choppy for me though. As in framerate-wise. It looks like it's slowing down and dropping frames. What sort of effects do you have going on with that? One the whole though it's pretty good.

  • Thanks guys!

    Deadeye: Thanks for the heads up. I've seemed to narrow it down to spawning instant hit bullets. If I turn off all the effects, i still get the framerate drop. Maybe I'm spawning too many at the same time? Too many collision checks?

    Genesys: I guess i got carried away, I'll turn down the effects on the smoke.

  • Looking great.

    I noticed that the character only has a set number of aiming directions, and that's probably why you made the bullets spread so much. I guess you had no other choice if you want the whole body to be done through bone movement. The bug animations are great, and it really reminds me of a 2d Gears of war/Halo. I hear the sound of a lancer/AR when I shoot, and that melee sound from halo when i hit, even though there's no sound in your game. Game seems like it will be great fun when there's levels and lotsa bugs to kill.

  • in case you're wondering about benchmarking btw

    mine didn't slow down

    4200+ athlon x2 dual core

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