Bugs (Engine Demo 2 - 8/31/09)

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  • Give the bushes sin movement ^^

    Also, if you used bone movement (and therefore its easy to change) I'd suggest changing the jumping and falling stance a little bit so the right leg doesn't stay as straight or something.

    Otherwise this is looking very professional

  • Toralord + scidave: Thanks for the input! I'll look at the keys again and try a more comfortable default set. I was thinking w would be a climb ladder or climb ledge button and s would be ducking, so that might not work well. Maybe f, shift or capslock would be a little bit easier? Maybe double click the left or right movement keys? Hopefully before the next demo, I'll get custom controls online.

    David: Yeah, I agree the jump is looking kinda stiff. I'll put some more love into it.

    Thanks for that bug scorch.


  • the controls are a bit clunky. it's hard to aim. x.x

    good game, though....though it seems like the bugs will never die.

  • Am I considered a Sadist if most of the time I spent playing it was spawning a lot of flies then trying to survive, which is impossible because they will all charge at me and kill me at the very first opportunity they get?

    It's looking good, nice graphics.

  • I really like this, very well done in terms of polishing and animation. I like the fly's attack code also, it reminds me of those pirate birds donkey kong country 2 ^^. I very much want to see sound implemented in this; it will add so much feeling and atmosphere. The graphics are top notch too, and this is shaping up well. Can't wait to see more. Oh yea, his leg looks like a piston when he jumps

  • No, that would be masochism

  • In your latest demo when you are holding A or D and than you press ctrl together with middle mouse button, the character freezes and can't move, only shoot.

    It's looking better with every new release, can't wait for a new one. I kinda like searching for bugs (in Bugs ) and I would like to help you betatest it. Please send me an email or PM what you think.

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  • Looks good (one of the best looking things here) And for me controls are just perfect I only wish I knew how to work so well with bones :/ that would make my day a lot easier

  • Just wanted to post an update to my game. I have been working on it steadily (except for Modern Warfare 2 killing a lot of time) and wanted to show a few pics.

    Working Cinematics System:

    <img src="http://www.louisferina.com/zenphoto/themes/lsf_home/images/blog/bug_fall.jpg">

    Boring Menus:

    <img src="http://www.louisferina.com/zenphoto/themes/lsf_home/images/blog/bugs_menu.jpg">

    Making a World Map:

    <img src="http://www.louisferina.com/zenphoto/themes/lsf_home/images/blog/baMap01.jpg">

    Some other notables: Saving and Loading are working. Enemies now drop items to restore health, ammo, etc. Reloading and weapon switching are in. There are no other guns to switch to yet but the system works.

    If you want to read more, check out my website http://www.louisferina.com

  • Great Job Louis, keep going!

  • Amazing!

  • Really nice! Looking forward to see more.

  • Yeah, it looks great. I'm waiting for a new version.

  • First, this looks great. I'm usually not really into cutout/paperdoll-types of animations, but you've got some good seams and most of your pieces blend together nicely.

    There are two things I've run into while testing you demo. If you run backwards (aiming in the direction opposite of where you're moving) and roll, the animation for the roll doesn't flip and it looks a bit weird. It probably has to do with mouse position, and adding a backwards roll might be something to consider.

    The other thing I found is more of a bug. If you do a roll down into a pit and hit the wall 'before' you land, you get stuck. The only way to get unstuck is to spawn an exploding bug to "help" you get unstuck.

    I don't really agree with the key placement argument as I don't have a problem with the layout, although double-tap would probably work better than Ctrl for rolling.

    Imho, Up (or in this case W) should never be used for jumping unless you are making a fighting game. But seeing as you were gonna use it for climbing you've got that part covered already

    Keep on truckin'!

  • Thanks guys.

    I put up a new video on youtube to show some of the new features.

    inkBot: Thanks for listing the problems you ran into. I've already taken out roll for now since I didn't think it added too much to gameplay and caused a lot of problems like you mentioned.

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