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  • I've been testing out Construct for a little while now, and finally put something together. There's not a whole lot to this test...the start of a combo engine and some nice animations are probably the only worthwhile things. There are no enemies yet, but you can beat up on a mean looking blue rectangle.

    I'm not sure where this game will go, since it was made mostly to test out Construct, but I'm thinking of turning it into a Metroid like action adventure game, only with more fighting than shooting.

    Appreciate any feedback.

    <img src="">



    A - Left

    D - Right

    J - Attack

    L - Jump

  • Not much to comment on but the animation is smooth so well done there.

    The tail off his bandana breaks up, is that intentional?

  • Thanks for the comments. The break up is not intentional. The character and animations were made pretty quickly to see how construct handles them. The character is made in 3d and the tail of the bandana is a flat plane, so when it's directly in line with the camera, it disappears. I haven't gone through the polish pass yet as I'm not sure if I'm keeping this guy.

  • Wow man nice sprite work and animation. The dude looks awesome, I vote keep him! Can't wait to see more of this


  • Thanks man. I made the initial post in a rush and forgot to mention the controls.

    A - Left

    D - Right

    J - Attack

    L - Jump

  • Wow, those really are amazingly stylish graphics. Reminds me alot of Metal Slug.

    We have lots of talented artists here .

  • Very slick looking sprites, man. I love the whole color scheme too, it's sexy as hell. Your combo attack seems pretty solid, too.

    The one thing I don't like is the control scheme. It seems kinda clumsy to me. I suppose in a future with customizable controls though, this won't matter.

    As for technical things, I've got three crits... one you can fix, and two that aren't your fault.

    First off, I get the No Disk error bug when I open the game. Does anyone know what's causing that yet? Anyway, not your fault.

    Second, the background tile for the mountain tops separates from it's base:

    <img src="">

    Again, not your fault.

    Third, the character suffers from "Leftitis." When holding both A and D, he runs to the left instead of standing still. Not a huge problem, but it does look weird, and could cause problems for the player in tight situations. This can be fixed with events, by adding an inverted "Control is down" in the opposite direction for that event:

    +Control "Move left" is down
    +NOT Control "Move right" is down
      -Do stuff
    Anyway, it looks really sweet.  Awesome job, keep up the good work
  • Great job with the character animation, I love it!

  • Hey guys, thanks for the comments. I updated the game adding a few different screens, wall jumping, sliding down walls, cleaned up the character graphics a bit and smothed out the movement (curing the "Leftitis" too...thanks deadeye!). You can also now push "K" to do a sword attack. Still have a little ways to go with the controls but it's getting there.

    The next step is to finish building out the world and get everything working with temp graphics. If you walk all the way to the right of the first screen, you'll drop to the next screen and see the beginning of that process.

  • great so far!

    what 3D software do you use?

  • Pretty nice work so far! This is coming along well.

    Just a couple of crits, and I hope you don't mind. Far be it from me to criticize your art, bit the wall slide looks a little odd with his hand and leg sticking through the wall. maybe you could tweak the sprite so that his knee, shin, and hand are scraping along the outside of the wall, rather than passing through it? Just a suggestion.

    Also, the giant sword sprite always being visible looks a little strange, like it's just tacked on (which, I'm assuming it is ). Especially since it's always on the far side no matter which way you're facing. It's like it just sort of floats along next to him and doesn't really look like a part of the character. Maybe you could make a more subtle scabbard that straps to his back, that way it won't stick out as much (uh... literally I guess).

    Maybe I'm just being nit picky, but the game looks good enough that nit picking is all I have to offer

  • Looking good mate! I have to agree with deadeye on the sword and the wall slide... but it's one of those things I'm sure, it's probably half finished like a lot of my stuff when I release it for test.

    Keep it up man!


  • Thanks guys, definitely appreciate the crits. Yeah some of the stuff is temp. The sword on the back is kind of experimental. I want to have swappable weapons so they have to be rendered seperately and attached onto the back. I also don't want to render a ton of animations for them so I can save some memory. I'll get that looking better though. I also seem to be having an image point problem in the idle, it doesn't seem to be matching up with the sword. Not sure what that is. I see what you guys mean about the wallslide, I'll fix that up too.

    dfyb: I use 3D Studio Max to render out the sprites. I also use photoshop to clean them up.

  • <img src="">

    I've finally gotten around to updating my game. Still lots to do of course, but I've finally settled on an art style and player character that I like. The fighting engine is getting there, as well as the chat system. Still playing with the camera, not sure if I'll scrap the zooming or keep working on it. Anyway, here it is. Let me know what you think.


    Extract both files into the same directory.


    A - Left

    S- Duck

    D - Right

    J - Attack

    K - Ranged Weapon

    L - Jump

    Enter - Interact and Forward Chat

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  • I would love to see this update, but for some reason the link is giving me a 404 error. can you fix it?

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