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  • same here 404

  • Wow, very slick looking

    The fighting controls are very responsive too. The only thing I can see wrong with it is if you're jumping past the zoom-in boundary for the enemy then the screen sort of "jumps" a little. But that's a minor nitpick, overall this looks really promising.

  • Sorry, not sure why the link won't seems to be good for me.

    Deadeye: Thanks! Yeah I'm still trying to get that camera smoother. When I first did the camera zoom and you jumped, the enemy went out of view. So now I'm trying to keep the camera in between both characters on the Y axis. I just have to get the right numbers so the camera doesn't jump when you get far enough away. My math is garbage

  • LOVE the dialog. I hope the final game dialog is this funny. And I like how you have to throw the boomerang just right for it to hit the enemy both coming and going.

    A few things:

    I get the 1st enemy dialog twice. But there's no enemy the second time.

    A couple times the game would just crash. It seemed to be more likely to happen if I just ran through the level as quickly as possible. It always happened in a different place, but it was always at a spot where the layout was about to jump from one to another.

    I think the controls are fine except I would want spacebar for jump.

  • awesome sprites. sweet animations. it's already looking pretty polished. As stainsor said, the game crashed on me ALOT. i had to restart it 4 times to get past the first area. A layout switching bug in construct maybe? great work.

  • Hmm...I only got the level switching crash a few times, but definitely not often. I'll try to figure out whats going on with that and re-upload it.

  • I think the controls are fine except I would want spacebar for jump.

    Frankly, I'd like to see standard movement controls. In other words, the arrow keys. But that's just me

  • I fixed the 404, I was right clicking and saving the file, which prompted me to save the zip but was actually just downloading the 404 page (I never bothered to check). Thanks for the real link in the meantime zephyrus.

    About the controls...I think I remember the devs saying that configurable controls will be coming. So hopefully that won't be a problem for too long. Sorry Deadeye, I guess I'm so used to FPS that WASD is standard for me.

    stainsor: Thanks for that second dialog bug. I forgot to remove the trigger for that when i moved the enemy.

  • Oh I have no problem with WASD... as long as there's a mouse in my other hand . Otherwise it just feels odd.

  • Damn dude this is pretty wicked. No bugs or anything from what I can see, and the graphics look outstanding. I guess you figured out that female characters are way hotter than male ones... I approve of this change


  • looks good. just jump kick is a bit weird.

  • I'm usually not into prerendered graphics. But your level of quality is so high, that even I tend to like it.

    Let us see more!

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  • I decided to go with a hi-res look instead of the pixel art style. Still working it out, but here's a screenshot of the outdoor area.

    <img src="">

  • mmm ... shmexy ... terrific atmosphere too!

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