SpriteFont (v0.99.5RC) - new update, small bugfixes

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  • > its because the sprites arent there until the "show text" action

    > try moving the filter action after the "show text" action in the same event


    that doesn't work either, I don't think they can be in the same event. But that's okay.

    hmmm...adding a "for each letter" sub-event works

    for whatever reason, the newly added letters are not in the picking list

    I'll have a look into automatically adding them to the picking after a show text

    should it add them in addition to all the other letter sprites ?(if no other letter sprites have been

    picked by conditions or actions, ALL of them will be picked)

    or should I make it so after a Show Text, only the sprites just created are picked?

  • I'm not sure to be honest.

    Also is it possible to not have this plugin affected by timescale for write text? or is that impossible? since I (and probably lots of people) will want to write text when the game is still.

    or maybe a tick based write text

  • Has there been some recent issue about this plugin where having several SpriteFont objects at once crashes the app (and maybe issues with destroying SpriteFonts).

    I had a well-working dialog engine that I returned to recently and now it's messed and doesn't work. Like it seems two SpriteFont objects that are copies of each other can't both show text, which I was relying on for my speech-bubble system (and not having to be limited to one bubble or so). It was working just fine before.

    Right now I am getting a non-event crash from SpriteFont in relation to different place I'm using it. It's in a menu, and two different (not copies) SpriteFonts are displaying text, and after I've done it the first time, one of them can either start displaying text wrong, or crash the application.... I can't really show a CAP as I can't nail down where this happens, and since it's a non-event crash.

    It relates to how MUCH text the other SpriteFont object (the one not causing the crash) has displayed earlier, but that SpriteFont has always been destroy and doesn't exist when the game crashes.

    EDIT: The text it writes relates to getting text from an array, I have no idea if that is messing things up somehow.

  • interesting konjak

    I was just working on a project yesterday

    something to help people memorize stuff for my job

    but it involved text coming from arrays as well

    and it works totally fine, and then I'd add a text object, or add an item to the array

    and then it would crash, and even if I changed it back it would crash

    I'll look into this anyway, but maybe there's some problem with text and arrays in general

  • I can set a text object to the same array source and it doesn't look strange, as it can with SpriteFont.

  • I avoided crashing by never destroying any SpriteFonts, but I will sort of rely on being able to do that once I start having dialogue bubbles, as I said...

    Hopefully you can get stuff going, you're a very hard worker! Do you have any clue as to why my engine that could have several of the same SpriteFont all show text before, but now they seem to only show in one? I know you did something like prevent it from redrawing every tick.

  • when did it stop working?

    when you updated spritefont to a new version?

    or when construct changed to a new version?

    also, are you setting the letters with Set By String, or Set Range?

  • I can't answer the first part as I have done both before going back to my dialogue engine.

    As for the last question, I set by range.

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  • also, if they are multiple instances of the same spritefont object

    how are you picking the individual ones

    is it by private variable in the spritefont?


    hmmm...not getting it to happen for me:


    left click changes one of the texts, right click changes the other, middle click destroys the two one by one

    also, link on first page has slightly updated version of plugin

    fixes a small bug or two

  • Hm, I got it working because I had strangely placed a conflicting Action in one place.

    My engine I basically always have it to "Show Text" and then have it appear letter by letter by use of Left() and a variable. Would you deem this inefficient? I seem to recall thinking Write not having the ability to write faster, say, two letters at a time.

    And also, I did remove my crashes by not destroying any SpriteFonts in my menu code, so I worry once I do introduce this engine into a layout with the menu, hell will come to visit!

    EDIT: WHy is the new plugin file called SuperSprite?

  • The new runtime plugin file looks like it puts a cap on the length of the SpriteFont string. But then the plugins folder file was called SuperSprite and maybe then SpriteFont in the plugins folder didn't match the one in runtime correctly.

  • lord, sorry, I uploaded the wrong thing

    that supersprite was something else

    I'll fix it tomorrow, sorry about that

  • since you don't support tick based "writing" of text you use write speed which is affected by timescale, would be possible for you to put an action which would 'write next letter' or something? so that I can make my own tick based write speed, since I don't want mine to slow down when time scale changes.

  • first...did i ever upload the right version? that doesn't have supersprite instead of the correct plugin?

    also alspal, if this doesnt work, i'll try to add that feature

    but i believe if you

    set write speed to 0;


    "on character written"

    • --"pause writing"

    that would be the equivalent of the action you're asking for.

    please ler me know if that works

    also if anyone has a chance can you let me know if the current upload has the correct files in it

  • k

    uploaded the new version, this time correctly

    I was sure I had already done that

    oh well

    there it is, though

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