SpriteFont (v0.99.5RC) - new update, small bugfixes

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  • Ah, yes, that issue... I understand.

    Sucks, but there's nothing you can do.

    You're not planning self-contained (and maybe interchangeable) letter graphic sheets, are you?

  • One more question I seem to have forgotten if I asked: Was it in any way possibly to color segments of a phrase somehow. Like important words? This was possible with Text Blitter in MMF and I loved it greatly!

    Though that plugin had self-contained images, and what I did was offset the source ascii image to an ascii table with differently colored letters. It re-rendered all letters each tick, which I think SpriteFont stopped doing? But then it didn't create "sprites" for each letter.

  • you could do "for each word"

    ---- if 'current word' is equal to "important"

    ---------set lettersprite tint to red

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  • here's an example of two things you can do:


    once you get the spritefont plugin to pick them, you can just do anything to the sprites you want

  • Ah, I see... I must've done it wrong somewhere then...

    Thanks a bunch!

  • yeah that was fair useful, I think I understand it better now!

  • Is it possible to ask the SpriteFont if it's between letter number X and letter number Y, and change the letters inbetween those numbers to a color or whatever, because whatever I seem to try either colors all the text or even crashes the game (older version of SpriteFont though, still, and could be me misusing some expressions).

    Failing that, can you make it start recoloring text by first seeing a symbol like [ which isn't in the graphical alphabet sprite (which I assume would make a zero width sprite?) and then maybe ] to make it change back?

    EDIT: What I tried last that just colors all text is "For Each letter" ---> "SpriteFont.LetterPositionInPhrase Lower or Equal to 50" ---> "Set Font sprite opacity to 50", then just switch it back when it's over 50...

  • It just won't work for me, it keeps making all letters change color. Your .CAP works so it's not the plugin version. It's really frustrating.

    Appreciate the help, though!

  • Okay, I figured out I had been negligent and written something wrong at one place, but when I corrected it the game just crashes when it comes time to write the text.

    I can't be given a break!

  • I don't know if this has already been asked, but is there a quick way to import fontsets from a single image? Or generate a set based on a windows font.

  • You can right-click in the animation frames window and choose Import, pick an image, and define the size of each "cut" out of the picture. Then I suppose you need to crop the frames if you don't want fixed-width fonts.

  • I'm trying to create text that follows the position of the player. Is there a way to move the text around the screen easily? The only way seems to be using "for each object" to move individual letters around.


  • wow

    I can't believe I forgot the Set Position action

    for now you can Attach to Object, and then move the object

  • Thanks for looking into that Lucid. I can't get it to work right with Attach to Object, so I'll just stick with a system font until the Set Position action is in.

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