SpriteFont (v0.99.5RC) - new update, small bugfixes

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  • no support for nonUS ascii characters, unfortunately. that was a programming inexperience result..not a design decision.

    it should (and it works when i use it) set character width to the frame width automatically if you dont set it manually

  • Still an awesome plugin. Any chance of getting support for eoropean characters in a future update? Is it a limitation in construct that you cant "reach them" in the pull-down menu?

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  • im not sure if you can type in the characters or use them in the dropdown, but no, as i said. i just wasnt sure how to support them.

    when i was first starting this plugin i asked for anyone to please explain to me how to even type them to screen with a regular keyboard as a start, but i had no friends at the time and no one answered me. i also asked google, but i guess everyone who needs to alreadyy knows how, or i wasnt asking the right questions, cuz i couldnt find anything relevant to my searches

    as far as adding it in the future

    its possible, but it would be much further in the future if at all

    if anyone can tell me if you can type the nonstandard characters into constructs textboxes, itd be a start

  • Wouldn't it be possible to just map them yourself by replacing other less used characters?

    For example you could replace lower case a with ~ by importing a custom frame in the animator bar.

  • "i asked for anyone to please explain to me how to even type them to screen with a regular keyboard"

    umm when i read that i thought someone would post somethin cuz i have no idea what you would have to use on the coding side and i might be off but did you mean alt codes like alt + (3) or (4) different numbers in a row http://french.about.com/od/writing/ss/typeaccents_7.htm or the ime http://www.google.com/search?q=ime&ie=u ... =firefox-a for east asian text input most programs seem to follow a standard system to make the characters just by switching to that language mode and typing the standard code for the characters from my experience or there r special keyboards in their native language with the characters for that language instead english. dunno if this helps

  • if anyone can tell me if you can type the nonstandard characters into constructs textboxes, itd be a start

    I don't know if it's possible. The usual Windows way - which at least works okay in WordPad, if not Notepad, or a web browser - doesn't seem to work in Construct.

    You can copy and paste them, or some of them, it seems.

    I should share a generated list of almost all the Unicode characters I made, and a Javascript tool I made/hacked together from tutorials, function references, and stuff. It'll let you figure out the alt code of any Unicode character you can copy and paste, and a ready source of the characters to copy and paste.

    The tool gives output such as: � 224, � 225, � 226, � 227, � 228, � 229, � 230, � 231

    That tells you you need to hold alt, then press 0224 on the number pad, to get �. Doesn't work in construct, but it works in Wordpad. It looks like that line can be copy and pasted, though - and those even show up with the Text object.

    Here is the tool: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1712024/chartool.html

    One thing the "HTML evaluator" setting in it is useful for is entering HTML like à, the kind of things the "Character Value (HTML)" setting outputs.

    Here is the HTML file containing Unicode characters 0000-FFFF, and a javascript thing to generate them: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1712024/almo ... nicode.zip

    "almost all unicode.html" is the file containing those Unicode characters. It might take a short time to load/display, since it is a long file, and will make your browser load whatever fonts those characters are in.

    "THIS WILL TAKE A LONG TIME TO LOAD - generate almost all unicode.html" I included just because. Once you open it, it'll simply spit out the same output that other file has, but automatically done through Javascript. :p It almost surely take a minute or two or more to finish doing its thing, making one's browser appear frozen until it's done (at least with Firefox). It's pointless unless you want to see how I did it in JS, since the other html file is the ultimate output stuffed in between HTML tags.

    Feel free to pass those around, use them for anything really.

  • An inelegant solution for now would be for me to map less used symbols with the needed eoropean characters, but as I was hoping to allow anyone to ake translated versions of the dialogue files for my game ( to translate my games dialogue into their language) then this will make things difficult to them... I guess they'll have to type it as usual, then use find and replace all to replace all of the accented characters with whatever symbol I'll be using for that character in my sprite frames...

    Not ideal, but it can work. Still.. the plugin is great. Thanks Lucid for al the coolness you continue to contribute to the construct community!!

  • For some reason word wrap is doing nothing in my .cap, but it works fine in yours. I tried making many different spritefont objects with word wrap but none of them seem to work. Maybe its because I have too many spritefonts already in the game?

    doesn't matter too much though, I'll just work around the bug by manually placing "+newline+" in the text.

  • ok guys, i know its been a while.

    the majority of the problems seem to arise when there are several spritefont objects.

    the bugs are fairly random.

    with very different symptoms

    anyone who would like to help me track down the source of these problems

    if you havent already pm'ed me a cap

    please post one here, or pm me with one

    screenshots of your caps that show where and how the spritefont is used

    or if you can strip off the unrelated parts of your cap and either post the cap, or at what point in stripping it down does the glitch cease to happen

    i have a feeling most of these seemingly unrelated symptoms have the same source. ill be working on this a little each day until i figure it out

  • how come the greenfilter won't be applied if there is also any action from the spritefont?

    (for example, it won't be green at the start, but 1 second later when there are no actions present from the spritefont it will work)

    <img src="http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1024727/heysdfssss.png">

  • its because the sprites arent there until the "show text" action

    try moving the filter action after the "show text" action in the same event

    also, i know this wasnt your question, but if you had multiple sprite fonts with the same sprite type, you could filter just one of the sprite fonts by calling the "for each letter" condition

  • thanks for that.

    I can't seem to figure out why word wrap isn't working for me. I've tried isolating the spritefonts and reproducing stuff but I can't seem to replicate the problem.

  • I tried deleting all the spritefonts and associated code from my game, then made a new spritefont to try and get it to wrap. But it's still not working?

    Mabye its a problem with the way I'm doing it?

    Or perhaps it could be a problem with sprite I'm choosing, it has 92 frames and for the range I'm doing is everything from 'Space - z' .

    EDIT: Figured it out!!! For some reason it was to do with the range I was choosing, I narrowed down the range to "a-z" and started at frame 66, and wordwrap started working! So maybe I'll just choose narrower range of characters that I'll actually use.

    <img src="http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1024727/worketh.png">

    EDIT 2: Okay, I figured out you can actually choose any range, but you can't choose the first one "space". So every other character can be included in range. So I can choose !-Z instead of space-z and it will work greatly! It's just 'space' that is the problem character that you can't include in range.

  • I think I know why this is happening

    it'll be fixed in the next build

    it'll be a little while though, because there are some other more difficult to find bugs I'd like to iron out before releasing another version of this

    thanks for finding this

    edit: progress so far:

    first off, Arima, I only recently realized I never uploaded the new version I promised that's been ready since shortly after you requested being able to set the length, and width of a spritefont object through actions, so I apologize, it's been ready since shortly after your request months ago, I just never uploaded. Also, the cap you sent me with the glitches of sprites not appearing, and a crash bug displays correctly now and doesn't crash. either you updated the upload site, or one of the changes to construct, or one of the changes I've made to spritefont fixed it. AshyRaccoon, thank you for the caps displaying the crashes on exit. I found the source of the problem and it is fixed in the next build.

  • its because the sprites arent there until the "show text" action

    try moving the filter action after the "show text" action in the same event

    that doesn't work either, I don't think they can be in the same event. But that's okay.

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