SpriteFont (v0.99.5RC) - new update, small bugfixes

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  • <img src="http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1013446/spritefont/Untitled.png">

    SpriteFont (Release Candidate)


    includes simple "hello world" example cap

    this is a very large plugin with alot of features, and will require good documentation

    I will get to that as I can, however, for now you can play, and I check the forums several times a day, and I will gladly answer any questions you may have



    9-17-09, several small bugfixes, retry caps especially ones with SetByString and random crashes

    • Fixed Set Write Speed
    • Fixed Several Crashes and Visual Errors with ScrollWrap
    • Fixed Conditions not displaying icon on EventSheet // thx rich
    • Clear Text now clears text in memory as well as visually


    • Set Character Range by String (so you can specify a nonlinear order (if your sprite frames are not in ASCII order), with a string) //thx davioware
    • Set Text Formatting properties in properties pane // thx rich
    • Scroll values now float instead of integer // thx newt
    • Added private variables // thx newt
    • Added pause writing, resume writing //how did I miss that the first time
    • No longer necessary to Show Text after a scroll to update view //much nicer

    99.1 changes

    • No longer necessary to set layer manually. sprite font draws the sprites on it's own layer // thx uberlou
    • scroll values are floats now...forreal this time

    99.2 changes

    • added: Set ZOrder of Text to SpriteFont : option to make text obey ZOrder of SpriteFont object // thx konjak
  • Helloooooo beautiful!

    Let me check this out!

    Nice work Lucid!

  • A bug and a thought.

    The condition "on last character" is causing a crash. Obviously it cant be used as in the cap, but like Ashley says "crashes are always bugs".


    Also have you thought about using the sprite tag feature?

    Edit + also~ nice work

  • thanx gamma

    A bug and a thought.

    The condition "on last character" is causing a crash. Obviously it cant be used as in the cap, but like Ashley says "crashes are always bugs".


    Also have you thought about using the sprite tag feature?

    Edit + also~ nice work

    thanks newt, btw, the way you're using it should be completely fine

    EDIT: Found the problem

    you're right, it's definitely not supposed to crash

    it's because the text is scrolling outside the bounding box, and Confine Text To Box is on by default

    it's supposed to be invisible when it leaves the bounding box, not crash

    some features I added later introduced this problem, and it is fixed for the next build

    if you use the ConfineTextToBox Action, and set it to "No", it won't happen

    thanks again

    this is exactly what we need

    also, what do you mean by sprite tag?

  • Tagged animations


    Its basically a label for the animation telling what kind of animation it is.

    My thought was, what if you could use a tag, and then do away with an object and just use the sprite with a behavior. Course you would have to alter the program itself, but I think it might make more sense to just have one object.

    Also in the cap I uploaded, the event on last char written will cause a loop for the numbers. That's why I was thinking it shouldn't work correctly, but apparently you've already added a self clear.

    Picking may be an issue for some things tho, but a pv would fix that. Not really needed, but a pv for the object might be nice.

  • Picking may be an issue for some things tho,

    such as? it really wouldn't be difficult to add pvs, but what issues would you have with picking?

    you can already pick a sprite by another means and get back to the sentence information

    (see original post above)

  • Well for example the on last character written will apply to any event where something was written.

  • if you can think of another way "on last character" should work, i may be able to implement it. i'll rename it so it can be used generally, but the "get edit box text" expression should also return other text

    so you can say, "on last character written" - edit box text ="the one youre watching for"

    also, to separate different phrases, and keep their conditions separate, you can add more bitmapped font object like you do with text boxes and edit boxes. thats actually how its supposed to work. the object keeps track of which sprites belong to it, so you dont have to worry about clearing the sprites from another instance even if you use the same sprite for both.

    also, your letter sprites are still spritescan have private variables as well.

    so if you wanted to have each sprite know where it belongs without having to picking it each time

    on last character written - for each word- set sprite pv 'myWord' to bitmappedtext.currentword

  • Yeah a pv for the object is not that important, just a tiny bit neater, and besides like you said you always have the sprite.

    Speaking of the sprite I could use a few examples of how to use some of its functions in combination.

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  • I <3 You lucid.

  • I love you, too Azu



    Bug Fixed:

    • scrolling outside the bounding box while Text is confined to box no longer causes crash


    • Get Edit Box Text is now Get Current Text, to clarify that it returns any type of text currently displayed
    • Default is now "do not confine to box"


    • GetPhraseLength Expression

    Thanks to Newt for finding the scroll bug, and also, Newt, I will be adding private variables, as soon as I get some clarification from the devs on the best way to do this.

    Speaking of the sprite I could use a few examples of how to use some of its functions in combination.

    here's your first example

    these tutorials will also be listed in the first post as I add them:

    this is an example of how you can get back to your text info from a normal sprite pick:

    (saved in 99.3)

    word picking example

    here's a more advanced fancy showoff example with "for each character" Picking to demonstrate the power of the Picking and Related Expressions: (davio, this one's for you)

    CircleTrick CAP!

    CircleTrick EXE!

    (must see)

    edit: two new demos:



    the caps for these demos are at the bottom of the original post

  • Nice!!11 Gonna try this out. This plugin was in DIRE NEED of creation.

  • crash.

    System: Always (every tick)

    SpriteSet X to BitmappedText 0 .DistFromXSide+sin(timer+.x)[/code:1hl5ndiu]

    Is this how i'm supposed to be using that expression anyways?

    EDIT: I'm pretty sure I pinned down why it crashes, it happens when the expression

    BitmappedText 0 .DistFromXSide[/code:1hl5ndiu] is called when no letters are drawn.
    Edit2: Upon further testing of the plugin, i see you went all out on the AC and E's. There are SOOOOOO many options, all of which come in handy. Damn good plugin lucid.
    -I can't figure out the edit box feature, maybe i've been up too late.
    -What does move cursor do
    Edit3: Ok, i see that distfromXside is for use with for each character in phrase only, but i can't figure out how to correctly use it. I'll take a look at your cap.
    Edit4!!!: Awesome, I thought distfromXside did what position in phrase does. All works fine now, and this plugin is pimpin useful. I'm off to make some cool text.
    if possible..[h2]FEATURE REQUEST[/h2]=Condition>> Is writing
  • hey, davio, thanks for reporting the crash, i will fix that and add the "is writing" for the next build.

    k, im on my phone so i cant make a cap

    but you call "start edit box", and most of the options explain themselves if you click on them.

    try setting a dash for the blank character to see what it does. choose an initial phrase, and the max number of characters allowed. once you start edit box,

    you should be able to type and erase characters(some cool conditions for this one, too, like"typing attempted on full edit box").

    you will continue to be able to type characters until you call "end edit box" or if you set the option for it in you original call, it can be ended by pressing enter.

    set a sprites position to cursorx,cursory, and you'll understand what it is.

    you can also get the character currently under a cursor, and set the option to "only allow arrow keys" to make a snes style name edit screen where you choose your letters instead of typing them. as of now up and down arrow keys dont work for this. will be fixed in a later build.

    also, if you havent tried it yet. not in edit box, but in regular text, try setting alignment to center or right, and then do write text, with "insert" and then "absolute" . kinda neat

  • hey, quazi


    Thanks for the info!

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