Re: MagiCam Plugin - v1.43 BETA(Updated 12/10)

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  • I don't know what the problem is, but I can't get ANYTHING working. I installed the plug-in and created the camera, but absolutely nothing else I change has any effect in the game. I give the camera coordinates, and it ignores them; I tell it to bind to the layout, it just doesn't; I follow your exact events to have it follow ahead of the character, and it won't... I don't know what to do, it just hates me for some reason.

    It's always possible that I'm just an idiot and I'm doing it wrong, but this is getting really frustrating either way. Any suggestions? I'll keep playing around with it and see if I can get SOMETHING to work...

    (using Construct 0.99.96, by the way)

    Post a CAP file with your problem and I'll take a look. It's possible that you're not following your camera, in which case you should check the "Follow" attribute in the "Create camera" action.

  • "Follow" was already checked, so I guess it's something else... Maybe it has something to do with the size of the window/layout or something? I dunno exactly how it works.

    Ignore all the strange stuff, this game is in the waaay early stages. I figured I should get the camera worked out before I get too far into making it. If you run it with MagiCam implemented, it looks really weird, too, since it's refusing to bind to the layout. It normally, well, doesn't look like that.

    Thanks for taking a look.

  • Go to your Mario sprite object's properties and uncheck 'center view on me.'

  • Go to your Mario sprite object's properties and uncheck 'center view on me.'

    Wow... it really was that simple. Like I said, me being an idiot is always a possibility. Thanks a bunch!

  • Go to your Mario sprite object's properties and uncheck 'center view on me.'

    That's something I would love to see in MagiCam - overriding all the values/options it uses and/or being relative. For example, a game with nice little zooms here and there to point the player to something special. One would work it out and it would behave just the same, no matter what I set the system zoom to. Would make life easier for games that support different resolutions.

    EDIT: "behave the same" -> I mean the zooming would automatically be relative to the system zoom. Zooming to 150% would not zoom to 150%, but to 150% of the current system zoom.

  • Alright, new question: I'm trying to get my camera to behave exactly like Super Mario World's, but there's one part of it I can't get right. It operates the same as MagiCam using margin scrolling, except when SMW starts scrolling, it moves ahead of Mario so roughly 60% of the screen is in front of him.

    I can set it up one way or the other -- it can follow him using margins, so that there's an area in the middle where there's no scrolling, or it can follow 60% ahead of him. I can't really find a way to combine them the way I want to. Any ideas?

  • Yeah, I realized after the fact that margin scrolling isn't quite like Mario scrolling. I'll have to fiddle around with it to see if I can make a work around.

  • No relative behavior to the system's values possible?

  • No relative behavior to the system's values possible?

    It's possible -- feasible, even -- but it would take a good amount of work, and I don't have much time these days between school and work.

  • Ah, I see. Thanks for your answer, I do totally understand if it's too much work for the time you have

  • Thanks!

    Going to test it.

  • Thanks for the great plugin. I'm in the process of converting over to it, and smooth map scrolling works great. However I can't get the minimap movement working.

    Previously on a Left mouse button down event I had System Scroll to X set to:

    DisplayWidth*0.5 + Minimap.MapToLayoutX(Minimap.Width - (Minimap.Width / (ScrollXRight - Minimap.X) + (ScrollXRight - MouseX)))[/code:3azkt0mu]
    A debug display of this equation gives an output of 0 to 4000 depending on the position of the mouse over the minimap (the layout size is 4000).  This works fine.  And if I set the X position of MagiCam to say 2500 it works fine as well.  But when I try setting the X position of MagiCam to the above equation instead of System Scroll to X, it jumps all over the place.  Any ideas on what's happening?
  • Khalan - If you don't mind sending me a CAP file with the problem, I'll check it out for you.

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  • Any luck with looking at the cap file I sent you yesterday? (if you had the time to check it)

  • Just to clarify, you're wanting the view to jump to the location that you click on on the map, correct?

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